BOE, Mindray, Libang, Lian Ying, and selected in the 2018 Innovation 100!

Medical Network October 22
BOE, Mindray, Libang, and Lian Ying were selected in the 2018 Innovation Top 100 list, revealing a signal: Focusing on the source of innovation, China's medical device technology market is developing rapidly.
On October 16, 2018, Kerui Wei'an, the world's leading provider of intelligent information services, released the high-profile "Top 100 Innovative Enterprises in China in 2018" report (hereinafter referred to as 'China Innovation Top 100').
According to the report, domestic well-known enterprises including BAT, Huawei, and Legend Holdings were selected without exception.
Medical (medicine In the industry, Mindray, Libang, Lian Ying and Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine have been selected, and the electronic component company BOE, which has been selected for three consecutive years, is in medical care. health The layout of the service sector is enough to attract industry attention.
It is understood that the report is based on a comprehensive analysis of the total number of inventions, patent licensing rate, globalization and influence, calculating and integrating the comprehensive scores of the four indicators, and selecting the 100 most innovative companies in mainland China. This year, Kerui Wei'an released the report for the third consecutive year.
It should be pointed out that this report is different from the previous rankings mainly based on factors such as revenue, scale and other factors. The main consideration is the source of development - innovation ability, and globalization and influence. A big background is to promote 'ten During the Three-Five Period (2016-2020), China's rapid development and growth, the country listed 'innovation' as one of the five development goals, clearly pointed out that we must thoroughly implement the innovative development concept.
For the enterprise, the word 'innovation' is regarded as a great driving force for development, and more and more attention is paid to invention patents.
For example, Mindray Medical, which has just listed A shares, is the second time it has been selected as one of the top 100 innovations. medical instruments The industry is second to none.
In March of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the 'National enterprise In the top 50 list of invention patents owned by the technology center, Mindray Medical became the only medical device company selected, with a total of 746 patents.
In the research report, Caitong Securities pointed out that Mindray Medical has maintained a high investment in research and development for a long time. In the past ten years, its research and development expenses accounted for about 10% of the long-term, which is similar to the R&D investment of international mainstream medical device companies. Significantly higher than most domestic counterparts, from 2014 to 2017, the company's R&D expenses totaled nearly 4 billion yuan, accounting for 10.93% of the accumulated revenue during the period.
Not only that, Li Xiting, chairman of Mindray Medical, said in an interview with the media recently that he really feels the effect of R&D on the company. After the listing, Mindray’s R&D will not only continue to increase, because there are no 8 to 9 per year. New products are unable to support the growth of several billion yuan. There must always be new things listed. Otherwise, why should people pay for them?
The low-key giant 'Jingdong' has a sufficient layout in the medical and health field.
Starting from the first year of the list of Top 100 Innovative Enterprises, BOE has been selected for three consecutive years and has been at the forefront. BOE's business has a wide range of business, including display and sensor components, smart systems, and health services. In the health service business, BOE combines the four core technologies of display, sensing, artificial intelligence and big data with medical life sciences, cross-border innovation and development of mobile health.
At present, BOE provides mobile health terminal devices such as non-invasive blood monitoring. Through intelligent terminal detection data, intelligent medical assistants can predict health risks, issue treatment recommendations, and provide personalized diagnosis and health management solutions for users. At the same time, they have already deployed two Family hospital , International high-end general hospital - Beijing Mingde Hospital and Hefei BOE Digital Hospital built in 2016, the digital hospital cooperated with Dignity Health of the United States to introduce international top medical technology and operation concept.
In 2017, BOE added 8678 patent applications, including 85% of invention patents, and more than 60,000 patents available, ranking among the top peers in the world. Thomson Reuters' 2016 Global Innovation Report shows BOE (BOE) Has become the world's second largest innovation company in the semiconductor field.
It is worth noting that among the top 100 innovations in 2018, 12 are entering the list for the first time. These new companies are mainly concentrated in the information security and medical device industries, which also reflects the increasing importance of Internet security and medical devices. The rapid development of the technology market. The medical equipment company selected for the first time this year has Libang Instruments, Shanghai Lian Ying.
Libang Instrument was established in Shenzhen in 1995. With long-term research and development and investment, it has become a leading enterprise in the field of fetal monitoring and electrocardiogram products. Its 2018 semi-annual report mentioned that the company has obtained 257 invention patents, which is practical. There are 235 new types, 141 designs and 386 software copyrights, and the proportion of R&D investment is as high as 17%.
Shanghai Lianying Medical Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2010, is known for its rapid development. In just a few years, through the promotion of capital and technological innovation, it has formed a 'moat river' with global competitive advantages. Its absolute strength has been There is a trend to lead the industry in innovation.
In July of this year, Lianmin, the chairman of Lian Ying, said in public that Lian Ying had chosen 'full coverage of independent research and development, mastering all core technologies, and all benchmarking international top standards to achieve first-class product performance'. Lu. And mentioned that at present, Lian Ying has basically realized the independent research and development of core components of all core technologies of magnetic resonance, and 100% of the components of magnetic resonance are all developed and manufactured by themselves.
It is worth mentioning that, some time ago, the head of a production base of a multinational medical giant in China said that the domestic medical device enterprises represented by Shanghai Lian Ying have already formed certain challenges for multinational enterprises. At the same time, this kind of challenge It is sustainable, benign, and contributes to the common innovation of the entire industry.
In the pharmaceutical industry, Hengrui has been listed in the top 100 this year since it was first listed in 2017. Zhengda Tianqing and Fuxing International, which has a pharmaceutical sector, are listed for the first time, confirming that leading pharmaceutical companies are moving from 'sales-driven' to 'research and development. Driven' transformation and upgrade.
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