* The final interpretation of this event is vested in the National Grid * Meet you to protect your health | 2018TCL Ice Wash tasting will recruit users

In a people-oriented consumer world, demand is the best catalyst. In recent years, the change of population structure has produced a new mainstream consumer group-the new middle class. Instead of flaunting their consumption, they focus on their own experience. Quality life is the important pursuit of the new middle class, while health is the precondition of quality life.

The new middle class, when it comes to healthy consumption, is more concerned with the product experience and whether it is consistent with its own lifestyle, followed by the impact of the price factor.

It can be seen that China has entered the era of quality consumption, consumer concept is from the enjoyment of consumption to health-based consumption change. This point in the home appliance industry, the performance is more obvious.

Food health, laundry health and other topics just like the refrigerator, washing machine inseparable.

As we all know, as the essential household appliances in the Modern family--refrigerators, undertake to ensure food hygiene, the responsibility to conserve food and nutrition. Laundry is an essential part of everyday life for everyone and every family. Our daily wear on the clothes, will be contaminated with a variety of bacteria, if not properly handled, will cause a variety of physical discomfort, especially for the weak immune groups of children, health threats are greater.

So how to keep the nutrition fresh, healthy laundry has become a problem that many families need urgently to solve.

How to maximize the health of consumers, who can pay for the health of users? In order to enable consumers to fully experience the current ice washing products on health care, ' 2018TCL ice Wash tasting will be held in Beijing, the tasting will be directly hit the refrigerator and washing machine use pain point, through the scene of the experience, so that consumers immersed in it, to achieve a healthy and innovative life 0 distance contact .

It is worth mentioning that the event site will have a senior home appliance industry experts to explain the refrigerator use common sense, technical points and purchase ice washing products produced when the purchase of questions and so on.

This tasting will recruit 10 netizens, limited quota, come to register to lock the seats, open your health protection trip it ~

Event Time: November 10, 2018

Event Address: Room 609-610, Tong Zheng International Building, No. 80th, Guang qu men Inner Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Map screenshot On time to the audience can receive the National power grid 100 yuan transportation subsidy exquisite gift a copy.

You can choose public transportation or go by car, please be sure to arrive on time according to the registration.

Registration method: We accept users ' registration in various ways, please provide your name, mobile number, gender, age, occupation, Weibo nickname.

You can also provide: whether you have a refrigerator, washing machine purchase intention, you most want to know the refrigerator, washing machine purchase knowledge, so that we better explain to you.

Phone Registration: Please call 010-67183151-303

Mail Registration : shangyan@cheaa.com

Micro-Blog Registration: Please pay attention to the @ China National Grid Sina Weibo, in the recruitment of micro-blog reply or private messages small series

WeChat registration : Please pay attention to WeChat subscription account in the National Grid, after the recruitment push directly reply can Note: There is a limited number of places, opportunities are valuable, please register as soon as possible, we will be 3 days before the event to confirm with you. If a confirmed netizen can not come in case of an emergency, please inform US 1 days before the event begins.

Otherwise we will not allow you to participate in the National Grid after all the user activities, please understand!

* The final interpretation of this event is vested in the National Grid * Meet you to protect your health | 2018TCL Ice Wash tasting will recruit users