And the combination of smart home appliances, for the concept of smart homes to open new ideas. Big Gold Air Conditioning | Opening of China air-conditioning Industry service 3.0 Times

Under the impetus of consumption upgrade, home industry has developed rapidly in the past two years, and now it has become the competition field of major capitals. Focusing on the consumption level of the air-conditioning industry, with the rise of the new middle class, air-conditioning in the cooling system to meet the basis of heat, personalized, intelligent, health, comfort, service and other aspects more and more attention by consumers nowadays. Among them, the ' service ', as one of the important factors influencing the purchasing decision of the consumers, also becomes the key direction of each brand in addition to the product development level.

The entire Chinese home market is shifting from ' price ' to ' value '. With the change of Chinese market environment and consumption habit, as the leading enterprise of air conditioning industry, big gold air conditioner is always ahead of the market step, deep plowing market, deep Excavation user demand, 2018 to build Chinese family ' intelligent Air Exclusive custom service ' as the core brand competitiveness, launched a new large Ginkin system home central air-conditioning systems,

Opened the China domestic air-conditioning Industry service 3.0 times.

Opening of China's air-conditioning industry 3.0 era In the traditional retail thinking, selling products is the core idea, but for air-conditioning such large goods, especially the emphasis on services.

In the air conditioning industry also has an unwritten jargon-' three-point selling, seven-pack ', which also decided that in the large commodity field ' service ' is the core competitiveness, obviously the big gold air conditioning from the strategic layout firmly grasp this point. In China's air-conditioning market in recent 30 years important changes in the past, big gold has been in the air-conditioning industry leading position, which is the result of its deep accumulation of industry and forward-looking strategic layout. From the beginning of the Chinese market to establish and cultivate their own after-sales service system for the beginning, with a strong maintenance system quickly corresponding to the user after-sales maintenance needs to open air-conditioning services 1.0 times.

Since then, with the steady development of the domestic air-conditioning market in China, the Golden Pagoda has a series of services, such as air-conditioner cleaning and maintenance, on the basis of satisfying the basic corresponding maintenance, which is the representative embodiment of the 2.0 era. And with this year's big Ginkin system full effect home central air-conditioning market, air-conditioner service industry has entered a new era. In the protection of traditional after-sales service on the basis of the first layout of the smart home front-end services to improve the purchase of home air before the proposal, the use of intimate protection to open the user personalized ' air-specific services '.

It is constantly leading the market differentiation layout, can let the Golden Pagoda in the competitive industry to continue to promote the industry service standards of iterative optimization, this spirit of innovation may also be big gold in the future to pull the gap between the key.

Product + Service Double upgrade to lead the new direction of smart home appliances landing On the 2018 big gold in China's domestic central air-conditioning market introduced new products, its product and service has made a lot of adjustments. On the one hand, such old-style air-conditioning enterprises are willing to invest more money in product research and development, always with a forward-looking product layout, leading the next generation of air-conditioning revolution.

On the other hand, the big gold air conditioning adhere to continuously improve and strengthen the overall service system, in the protection of the original after-sales services, based on the focus on creating ' exclusive custom air services '. A representative of the ' Product + Service ' Double upgrade products--the gold series is through the use of big data and other scientific and technological means, so that home central air conditioning become more ' smart '.

Betraying full-effect home central air-conditioning system through the air sensor installed, Internet users and air-conditioning connection, users through the mobile app can be in any time and place clearly see home temperature and humidity, CO2, VOC and other air indicators, and can remotely control the relevant functions.

Even if the large Ginkin system full-effect home central air-conditioning systems in the case of closure, with the help of sensors, users can also achieve the above functions through the mobile phone. It is worth mentioning that the gold-based full-effect home central air-conditioning system in the built-in Intelligent computer version, with large gold air conditioning in the background for a long time to maintain connectivity. Through the Intelligent large data transfer summary, the background can discover the potential problems in the air conditioning operation and solve. At the same time, the use of advanced technology, to provide users with ' intelligent air-specific customized services ' to meet the individual needs of different families.

The promotion of this function, not only the big gold air conditioning has always been "people" as the core driving force as the performance of the enterprise, but also means that the big gold air conditioning in the first to achieve the 3.0 era of product and service linkage. Big Gold air conditioning, smart home solutions In addition to focus on the product level of intelligence, but also from the ' people ' This fundamental point of view, after all, compared with the cold machine, ' people ' really have intelligent thinking, and ' people '

The combination of intelligent one-to-one service is the big gold air conditioning respected real smart home solutions. The new large-ginkin system of all-efficiency home central air-conditioning systems, from product features and front-end service dual-dimension to achieve intelligent air solutions. In terms of product performance, betraying system full-effect home central air-conditioning systems in succession to the full effect of home central air conditioning advantages, the realization of temperature, humidity, airflow and cleanliness of four-dimensional control, infrared probe precision temperature control, dehumidification does not cool, break through the industry for many years of technical difficulties; in the front-end dedicated service dimension, With similar enterprises to outsource after-sales maintenance to third parties, the failure of users themselves need to repair different, big gold air conditioning their complete after-sales service team from behind the scenes to the front desk, can be described as after-sales service work in front, through big data in the process of real-time attention to the use of each member of the family needs,

A truly exclusive air-tailored service for every family member. From 2004, the first big gold air conditioning in China to launch home central air conditioner, to 2014 in the industry to promote the concept of a full-effect home central air conditioning, and then to promote the large ginkin system of home central air conditioning systems, big gold air conditioners are always committed to the user to bring a better experience, the emphasis on the "people" in the intelligent role