Blowing | 'Industry Stars' | Assembly Number - 2018 China Paint Gold Sales Award

An annual event in the sweeping industry, a festival belonging to paint distributors. 2018 China Coatings 'Golden Sales Award' will be held in Guangzhou in early December. The selection activity is in progress, welcome to recommend quality dealer representatives.

The China Coatings 'Golden Sales Awards' selection event was sponsored by the China Paint Distributors Association. The selection activities will last for several months, from pre-planning, data submission and promotion, to mid-term online voting, and then expert review to open the sun. Industry evaluation, fair and equitable selection process, select the 'industry star'.

As an important part of the 2018 China Coatings Industry Development Summit Forum and the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Finishing Business, in conjunction with the celebration process of the 2018 Qiwang Competition, this time, thousands of quality distributors and corporate big coffee will be invited to gather in Guangzhou to witness ' Gold sales award glory moment.

The big wave of sand, Fang Xianzhenjin true color. The 'golden sales award' through the sea election, public voting and expert committee voting, etc., from the registered dealers to determine the annual influence award, marketing innovation award, the annual new awards each 10 people.

The organizing committee of the selection activity said that it is welcome to recommend high-quality gold sales representatives from all over the world; it will be displayed through the 'Paint Dealer Alliance' (with the official public number) platform to facilitate public voting and real-time tracking.

The coating industry 'severe winter', 'survival anxiety' is rampant. No matter how the wind blows, it is better than strolling. The quality dealers are breaking out in this environment. This is the original intention of the 'golden sales award'. In the collection of the best quality distributors in the Chinese coatings industry, the awards adhere to the initial heart of the industry, explore the market distribution book, and provide intellectual support for the Chinese paint industry in the new era.

1, the way to pay

Follow the 'Paint Dealer Alliance' official public number.

2, China Coatings 'Golden Sales Award'

(1) Chinese and foreign paint brand distribution companies with legal status, with independent marketing management team (including retail, engineering, group purchase, distribution, etc.), own brand franchise image exhibition hall, and establish an effective after-sales service system.

(2) The company's annual sales income is 10 million yuan and above.

(3) Engaged in the distribution of paint products for more than 5 years, with a stable sales channel, marketing and service team.

(4) Integrity management, tax payment according to law, has certain representativeness and influence in the field of local building materials circulation; if it is awarded by the government, association, market, honor, please sign the relevant honorary certificate copy.

(5) Practice social responsibility and business ethics, and actively participate in public welfare activities; please register with relevant honorary certificates.

(6) Do not accept repeated registrations from previous participating dealers.