Finally, the Skydio R1 drone has a retail price of $1999, but it is disappointing to domestic users that the drone is now only available in Apple stores in the US and Canada, which is not easy for dom

If you are a beginner of drones, you may be discouraged by the complicated operation of the drone remote control device.

However, the newly upgraded operating system of the California drone maker Skydio may greatly reduce the entry threshold for this hobby, because you can use your carry-on Apple Watch to manipulate drones.

With the help of the new Apple Watch Skydio app, you can manage the R1 drone flight system with Apple Watch, a long-published Skydio R1 drone that is being sold in Apple stores in the United States and Canada. Skydio R1 is an autonomous drone that can be designed and programmed to automatically capture targets in flight without the need for user manual control, which is a good design for novice drones.

It is learnt that the new Apple Watch Skydio app draws on the key features of the iphone version and eliminates the hassle of having to operate on the phone after takeoff. When you want to test the drone outdoors, you can start the R1 drone in the Skydio app on the iphone, and then use the more portable Apple Watch to control its flight.

And you can see the remaining power percentage of Skydio R1 in real time through the Skydio app on Apple Watch, change the flight mode, etc.