Breaking the limits - the new air-conditioning products of the United States shines in the 124th Canton Fair

On October 15th, the 124th China Import and Export Fair opened in Guangzhou as scheduled. The crowds in the pavilion are woven, and the major brands are eager to show off, and the flowers are blooming, but they have reached the largest and most in Hall 3.2 of Area A. In the eye-catching home appliance exhibition area - the beautiful exhibition area, the author was suddenly surrounded by the '67 ° C ' and ' -32 ° C ' lights on the stage, behind the beautiful flame and ice circle, intertwined screen Attracted to look at it, look at the top of the head of a magnificent English vocabulary 'INFINI', look at the content on the screen, the original is the latest home air conditioner in the United States launched the flagship product - INFINI Extreme Series, known as 'breaking limit And the birth (go beyond boundaries). The author simply explored the beauty air-conditioned exhibition area and found that this is also the theme of the overall home air-conditioning exhibition. Every new product and exhibition details contain this meaning. -

Limits of broken category barriers: Air Space Station

Going to the center of the exhibition area, an air conditioner with a three-curved cylindrical line and an hourglass element design will come into view. This is the product of the US redefinition of the new category 'Air Machine' - Air Space Station. 15th In the morning, the Guangdong Provincial Government and the leaders of the Canton Fair visited the exhibition area of ​​the United States. Wang Jianguo, Vice President of Midea Group, introduced the Air Space Station to them. The Air Space Station is the United States Air Conditioning Joint China National Institute of Standardization. Through in-depth research on Chinese consumers, it has gone through 27 Round verification and 1080 data collection, jointly launched the world's first home microclimate regulator. It breaks through the five air dimensions of temperature, humidity, wind, cleanliness and freshness to control the indoor environment, using advanced technology to create The ideal microclimate, and has won many awards such as AWE Epland Award and German PITA.

We have always pursued a product leadership strategy, technology-led innovation to interpret the beauty brand that can be more beautiful in life, break the barrier of single function between products and products, and create a 'micro-climate regulator' with a full-scale air management concept. The Air Space Station allows users to enjoy the 'nature' of the room as much as they like.

Limits of broken product performance: Hanging INFINI Extreme Series

At the launch conference of the INFINI Extreme Series, the host vividly introduced the products, and also had a VJ picture interpretation of 'Ice and Fire', a dance full of tension, and a dynamic electric dance of the electro-optical girl, the beautiful INFINI series at 67°. C high temperature is extremely hot, -32 °C low temperature and extremely cold working condition and one night as low as one degree of energy saving, 8 times anti-corrosion and durable time of the four series of main function points.

Among them, the desert butter Domino project with the maximum temperature of 67 °C is the most eye-catching. As early as 2017, Midea Air Conditioning has experienced high temperature challenges in Turpan, Xinjiang; the US air conditioner will be more difficult to add, based on international third-party authority. The experimental data of the official SGS certification of the organization, the video through the desert environment for a long time to keep the low temperature so that the butter domino does not melt, successfully completed the construction and overthrow the successful creative interpretation, embodies the product 50 °C high temperature refrigeration does not decay, the outdoor temperature is up to 67 °C The performance of the air conditioner can still be cooled without stopping. The US air conditioner has broken through the limits of the performance of existing products, and has made a strong endorsement of the craftsmanship attitude of 'breaking the limits.'

Breaking the limits of the inherent mind: Retro (New Retro) dehumidifier

The most eye-catching on the stand is the retro dehumidifier series. Especially a red and black contrast streamlined design dehumidifier, which caused the participants to stop. Exquisite design, sophisticated material use, clever color matching, All show the retro beauty, breaking the inherent impression of the home appliance shape only for practical use, let the beauty penetrate into every part of life.

In addition, Midea Air Conditioning exhibited a 360° cold fighter, All Easy easy to install split air conditioner, silent mobile air conditioner and other products, among which 360° cold fighter uses a wider angle of cool to bring wrap around to consumers. Comfortable; the All Easy range makes the installation, maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners easier with innovative structural design.

There are still many details on the exhibition site that reflect the determination of the United States to break through the existing limits and bring a better air experience to the users. The category definition, performance and appearance upgrade iteration, the beauty air conditioner after the Canton Fair will give consumers worldwide What does it bring? The author believes that this will be an answer that is full of expectations.