Join hands with Miss International | Analyze the Four Seasons Mu Ge Innovation Gene

Since ancient times, various beauty contests have emerged in an endless stream. The standards of beauty selection have also changed constantly in history. With the change of times, the beauty of women has been given more meaning. The contemporary beauty pageant is no longer a simple appearance. The selection, but as a carrier of love and culture, to increase the exchange of world culture with the United States, promote world peace, and make more contributions to society.

At the same time, such changes are not only reflected in the competition itself, but also in some brands that are partners in the beauty contest. For example, in the just-concluded 58th International Miss China Competition, there is such a same as continuous innovation. The partner, this is the four seasons Muge that is known as the 'Chinese hot water expert'.

During this competition, through a series of exciting activities, the four seasons Muge and the competition hosted the world to show the new spirit of the new era beauty contest 'to spread love and beauty', and at the same time, invited the third runner-up to serve as the four seasons The way to integrate the hot water machine experience officer makes more people feel the revolutionary innovation and unique charm of this new concept bath product.

Product innovation, subverting inherent cognition

The evolution of the beauty contest is based on the progress of the times and the development of civilization. The bathing change led by the integrated hot water machine is based on the mastery of the four seasons of Muge's sensitivity to social consumption trends, as well as a deep understanding of consumer needs.

As a new concept hot water product that combines comfort, entertainment, personalization, intelligence, aesthetics and customization, the Four Seasons Muge integrated hot water machine achieves rapid heating, precise constant temperature and higher On the basis of the comfort of bathing, it meets the new needs of bathing such as softening water, relaxing massage, human-computer interaction, etc. At the same time, it is designed to integrate with the style of bathroom space, and realize the improvement of aesthetics while saving space. , full-scale interpretation of the new charm of 'new bath culture'.

Brand innovation, creating new heights

Through the integrated hot water machine based on the quality of the technology and the innovation of the champion, we can easily feel the 'Chinese hot water expert' four seasons Mu Ge clear innovation and strong innovation strength. Around the new era background of consumption upgrades and information Outbreak, Four Seasons Muge has always adhered to the concept of borderless innovation integration, actively practicing inclusiveness, cross-border integration, and innovative iteration. Especially worthy of praise, in addition to the product and technology innovation represented by integrated hot water machine, Four Seasons Muge Innovation in brand image enhancement is praised by the industry and consumers.

As Li Jun, president of the Four Seasons Muge, said: 'To let consumers buy your products, you have to let him fall in love with your brand. The higher the brand potential, the greater the attractiveness index that attracts users. Is a singer, "Running Brothers", "China's new songs" show the brand strength, to join hands with Qin Kai, He Zi, Yan Sen and other Olympic champions to promote the Olympic spirit and national fitness, and then to join hands in the Miss International China Contest 'Love and Beauty', the brand promotion of Four Seasons Muge has been a new concept in recent years. The new actions will always bring different surprises. More and more consumers know and truly feel the four seasons of Muge's enjoyment. The good life's charm of the idea.