Gome Gree join forces | Air conditioning special winter warmth in advance

A cold autumn rain, late autumn has arrived, the country is about to usher in a wave of cooling weather. Every year before the heating to October-November, this season is the most difficult, the outdoor cold wind, the indoors are colder than the outdoor! Every time home I took off the thick coat and let me just want to get into the bed. I don’t want to move into the bed. This time, my parents’ old cold leg arthritis is the most likely to recur. It’s hard to feel that my parents can’t sleep because of the cold weather. What about the situation of family members? At this time, we need an air conditioner to help! On October 19-21, Gome and the Gree brand are making great contributions to 'Let the world fall in love with China', the whole Gree air-conditioning shock price thanksgiving Purchase the Gree designated model (Shuxiangfeng, Shuyu series), you can enjoy the '0 down payment 0 interest 0 handling fee' three zero installment service, this deep autumn Gome to warm the whole family!

As a domestically produced big brand of air-conditioner manufacturing, Gree is mainly focusing on Shuxiangfeng and Shuyu series, sending more intelligent and higher-end life enjoyment to thousands of families. The following Xiaobian has compiled several Gree-type explosive models for you, let us take a quick look. !

Gree big 1 comfort wind, cold and warm electric auxiliary, wall-mounted air conditioner

Frequency conversion level 1 energy efficiency, energy saving and enjoyment; air deflector motion splitting technology, wide air supply, 180° wide-angle swing up and down, vertical blind air supply without blind zone, wide and wide air supply, effectively solve indoor temperature unevenness 7-speed air supply mode, there is always one gear for you; super quiet, noise as low as 18 decibels, and the outdoor unit will automatically enter the mute state, achieving indoor and outdoor double mute effect; set 4 intelligent modes to meet a variety of sleep needs Humanized 'high temperature wind' technology, normal start at -15 °C, the outlet air temperature can reach 50 °C or more. Morning heating function, let us wake up in winter, not cold. Frequency first-class energy saving, create a comfortable environment for you At the same time save you money!

I am used to controlling the air conditioning temperature and air supply. Have you seen the air conditioner can change the air supply with the human heart? Gree's first Shu Yu series air conditioner, using innovative heat source induction technology, let the air conditioner communicate with your heart! Blowing cool, the wind avoids people blowing natural cool, everyone in the family can find their own way of blowing, so magical air conditioning Xiaobian, this is for you to explore how magical it is!

Gree heat source induction Shu Yu wall-mounted air conditioner

The aesthetic design of the fishtail line, echoing with the water wave, is like a beautiful mermaid, bronzing decorative belt, showing noble and elegant temperament, properly the 'temperament lady' of the air-conditioning industry. Innovative heat source induction air supply technology, wind, wind, and surround Wind, no one automatically jumps into 4 modes of energy saving, the wind is more comfortable with people; the large air guide plate is upgraded, the air supply is farther and more uniform, 8 kinds of air supply modes meet your individual needs; Challenge 60°C high-temperature refrigeration, -20°C ultra-low temperature heating operation, super-level energy saving, let the comfort come lower carbon. Ultra-low noise reduction treatment, reduce the noise to 16 decibels. Gree Shu Yu regardless of the value or high performance Deserved to become the top product of domestic manufacturing, luxury life essentials.

Do you have any heartbeat to recommend products? Gree is worse than action, hurry to come to Gome to buy it! This time, Gome and Gree join forces to send warm artifacts to thousands of households in advance of the early winter, top black technology breakthroughs, number Hundreds of Gree products, the audience's ultra-low price, thanksgiving feedback, click on the link for more event details