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Download the client can also get exclusive benefits Oh! The development of domestic smart phones is not too much to describe with rapid. Not only has a new brand has sprung up, now the major brands are also a period of time there is a new machine for sale. But the new phone out more, it will inevitably make people feel the aesthetic fatigue. And now many brands engaged in the sea tactics, resulting in a lot of new machines are not only configuration performance, even in the design of the same, people feel very boring. Therefore, in the weak innovation today, some mobile phone brands have dared to try new things, introduced some unique features of the product. These products not only in terms of performance and most of the current mobile phones, in other aspects of innovation is to add a lot of color.

Today, Sina mobile phone to recommend several, whether in the design or work configuration are very characteristic of the mobile phone, help you buy the right phone.

OPPO Find X (parametric quote forum software)

Features: Curved panorama screen, 3D structured light facial payment, hidden camera

Reference Price: 4999 yuan OPPO Find X has pioneered the ' dual-track submarine structure ' in the industry, making the current ' Liu Qi ' full screen phone look ' never so awkward '.

Both sides of the machine have no openings, but also in the camera and the lock, the use of dual-track potential structure, the camera is hidden inside the phone.

Click on the image to view Oppo find x Details OPPO Find x features a 6.42-inch curved panorama screen with a screen ratio of 93.8%, a screen aspect ratio of 19.5:9, and a light screen that is almost full of visual content and visually stunning. Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, with 8GB memory +128GB storage, it also has a built-in 3730mAh battery, and the Oppo has been proud of the VOOC Flash charging technology to quickly replenish power.

In addition, OPPO Find X is powered by Android 8.1 In-depth customization of Coloros 5.1, the newly added AI engine that makes the system smarter and smoother.

Click on the image to view Oppo find x Details The biggest highlight of the OPPO Find X is the use of a dual-track dive structure that automatically bounces only when a front-facing camera is needed, and also features a structured light face recognition technology called O-face to unlock and pay for the face. And the front is equipped with a 25 million-megapixel camera, with 3-HDR technology, backlight low light photography is equally clear;

1 2 3 4 The rear features a 16 million-megapixel + 20 million-pixel AI bi-camera that identifies more than 21 separate scenes, 800 scene combinations, and a ois optical image stabilization feature to make the most of the scenery while traveling.