Experts said that the vertical freezer and ice Bar launched by the commander not only caters to the user's demand for fashion and classification of fresh storage, this ' user-driven ' innovat

October 17, China wuzhen 2019 refrigeration industry global launch ceremony held in Zhejiang. At the launch ceremony, Haier presented the world with its products, technologies, standards, wisdom, globalization and other trends leading, and announced the Haier cold industry 2019 cold years China market strategy and global leading strategy.

Among them, the commander vertical freezer and Commander Ice bar debut scene, the former focus on small families, the latter is based on the young white-collar family for the pursuit of quality life and design, to provide customers with a diversified product solutions.

Commander Vertical Freezer meets the needs of small families ' Our home space is small and we need a freezer with a small footprint. ' A user after hearing the staff explain the product function, randomly be commander vertical freezer ' circle powder '. In the face of rising prices, small units are relying on its unique cost-effective advantage to the more market.

For small household users, they have to consider the choice of household appliances to take into account the diversity of the storage and purchase of objects, so the freezer brand to impress such people's hearts, must first consider the area and function of the two aspects. In the field, the commander of the vertical refrigerated cabinet with a small shape to attract a lot of people come to understand. For users to purchase area limited pain point, Commander vertical freezer cabinet abandoned the traditional horizontal freezer covers a large area of the problem, the use of vertical refrigerated cabinets, covers an area of more than half. In the functional design, the Commander vertical freezer design can pull the tray, general drawer, large drawer, half drawer Four storage space, can effectively solve the traditional freezer food accumulation/or, bacteria breeding problems.

In addition, as the only refrigerated vertical refrigeration cabinet, its equipped with air-cooled frost-free technology, 5 ℃ to -24℃ intelligent temperature control can meet the needs of different food storage, to bring more healthy quality of life for users.

Commander Ice Bar focuses on young family entertainment On the other hand, the Ice Bar, which focuses on the lives of young people in the living room, has been more popular with young people.

According to the survey, as work pressure accelerated, home Entertainment has become more than 50% of young people to relieve the pressure of life choices, 46% of young people to home theater, video games, family gatherings and other ways of interest. In home entertainment, ice bars that store cold drinks, fruits and snacks are being favored by more and more young people. Commander Ice Bar equipped with Eddy current gradient refrigeration can be in the wind cycle of the combination of air-conditioning to each floor area, the fruit box due to the cold air sinking and temperature reduction, the upper red wine area due to the last arrival of air conditioning and high temperature, so that wine, drinks, fruits can be stored in the appropriate temperature. <90% 时, 纤维孔收缩抑制水分蒸发, 水分>In addition, the Commander Ice Bar is equipped with the HCS nuclear membrane moisturizing can sense the environmental humidity, when the moisture At 90%, the pore expands to increase moisture distribution, thus maintaining the 90% optimal humidity required for fresh fruit.

With the star three-dimensional screen printing and Hao Jade White color crystal glass panel, both to meet the young people for the pursuit of quality of life, but also in line with their ' Yan control ' mentality. Under the guidance of one-man single mode, commanding electrical appliances to innovate to drive product upgrades, and constantly launched to meet user demand for high-quality home appliances.