Accelerate enterprise digital transformation | Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 scanner evaluation

For enterprises, digital transformation is crucial to the continued growth of the business. If the company can electronically archive and manage all the data, it can save costs and greatly improve the performance level. Therefore, the original paper must be The conversion of quality documents into electronic data, scanners as a data conversion medium is favored, especially in the corporate office field, a smart and worry-free scanner will undoubtedly accelerate the digital process of the enterprise.

Fujitsu, which provides a complete solution for digital transformation companies, recently launched the new Scan Scan iX1500 (hereafter referred to as iX1500). This scanner is a paper-feeding high-speed color document scanner with a 4.3-inch TFT color touch screen. 30-sheet single-duplex scanning speed, multi-sheet detection, one-click scanning of different specifications and new software ScanSnap Home document scanning and management software.

High value, small size, 'portable'

Fujitsu iX1500 scanner measurements

Power connector and USB interface on the back of the Fujitsu iX1500 scanner

Fujitsu iX1500 scanner 4.3-inch color touch screen

Fujitsu iX1500 scanner 4.3-inch color touch screen

Screen setting

Different color mode settings

Single-sided scanning setup

Feed mode setting

Image quality setting

Fujitsu iX1500 scanner paper exit

As a digital conversion media tool, the Fujitsu iX1500 scanner's rounded corner design combined with pure white skin-friendly materials, simple and succinct, can be fully integrated into the environment. Weight is only 3.4kg, with 292*152*161mm The size of the measurements, although the scanner is not often moved in, but relatively small enough to be 'portable'.

The Fujitsu iX1500 scanner is also the first product equipped with a display screen for the Fujitsu scanner series. The display can perform human-computer interaction in a more efficient manner, and the scanning process is efficiently displayed in front of the user for user convenience.

New paper feeding system, efficient and reliable

The Fujitsu iX1500 scanner uses a high-quality active separation pickup roller for better density and wear resistance, which greatly increases its use time.

For business and industry users, their office demand for scanners is intensive scanning, so efficient and reliable product quality is essential. Taking the paper feeding system as an example, the Fujitsu iX1500 scanner uses a new paper separation technology. With the active split pickup roller design, this structure can effectively prevent the occurrence of multi-feed. If there is a multi-feed, the reverse rotation can be performed to prevent excess paper from entering, plus re-engagement. The double guarantee of the paper ultrasonic detecting sensor effectively reduces the possibility of repeated feeding.

Due to the different weights of different papers and the better scanning of thin paper such as invoices, the Fujitsu iX1500 scanner adds paper guides and paper sheets near the active separation pickup roller, making the paper scanning more efficient. high.

Convenient switch machine

Switch maneuver

In the past, the products were switched on and off by physical buttons. The Fujitsu iX1500 scanner can realize the operation of the switch by opening or closing the top cover, and there is almost no delay, which greatly improves the operation efficiency.

A variety of paper scanning all-rounder

Scanning process

Regular A4 documents, envelopes, invoices, and business cards can be scanned with one click. If you need to scan documents larger than A4, you can use manual mode. In the past, scanning for invoices and business cards was a headache, often requiring one. Zhang Zhang paper feeding, low efficiency and cumbersome, for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, always feel that can not be placed in the middle, Fujitsu iX1500 scanner can solve the above problems by adding invoices and business card guides.

Automatic correction function

The Fujitsu iX1500 scanner can be automatically adjusted during the scanning process through a series of automated intelligent image processing functions during the scanning process.

Banner document automatic correction

Tilted document automatic correction

Sharing function

The Fujitsu iX1500 scanner supports up to 5 devices. In order to distinguish between different devices, the icon of the supplied software ScanSnap Home software and the icon on the scanner display are automatically assigned different colors. For example: If A /B/C three devices are connected to this scanner, the machine will automatically assign three different color icons to distinguish, you can also name different color icons. For example, A/B/C three devices are automatic, accounting and Personnel, you can name the icon and make a second distinction.

Differentiate users by different color icons

Differentiate users by different color icons

Different colors + names distinguish different users

Multi-person sharing different color icon patterns

Connection method

In order to facilitate the connection of different users, the connection method of Fujitsu iX1500 scanner is divided into two categories: wired and wireless. After the driver is installed, it can be connected with the computer through the attached USB cable. Both the mobile phone and the computer can be connected via Wi-Fi. Connection and body Wi-Fi direct connection.

Wi-Fi settings

ScanSnap Home Software Introduction

The software included with the Fujitsu iX1500 scanner, ScanSnap Home, helps users to efficiently manage various types of scanned documents. It can automatically sort and scan scanned files. It can also be edited again by the software ABBYY Scan to Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 scanned business card. It can be automatically read by software to identify double-sided information of business cards, such as: mailbox, web link and business card address, etc., can also generate contact lists in csv, txt, vcf, mxl and other formats. It is convenient to synchronize contacts with Outlook, foxmail and mobile phone. For business people, it can greatly promote work efficiency.

Automatically identify links in business cards

Testing session

Accuracy test

Large image comparison (left HD precision scanning effect, middle shooting, right normal precision scanning effect)

Large picture detail 100% magnification contrast (left HD precision scanning effect, middle shooting, right normal precision scanning effect)

It can be seen from the above two pictures that even the effect in the normal precision scanning effect can meet the needs of most users. It can be seen in the high-definition precision scanning effect, and the image details, color saturation, etc. are clear and complete. Feedback, so even for users with high scan accuracy requirements, this scanner is also capable.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest

For a professional scanner, the color scanning speed of the Fujitsu iX1500 scanner is 30ppm in normal mode, fine mode and super fine mode, and the best mode is 8ppm. In addition to the best mode, scanning speed and small composite machine Parallel.

Through the above test form, it can be seen that the Fujitsu iX1500 scanner is close to the official standard in continuous scanning time. Whether it is a color document or a black and white document, the scanning speed of the Fujitsu iX500 scanner can achieve the expected results.

For companies that are digitally or digitally transformed, scanners are a great medium. They can convert the data recorded by corporate paper documents into digital records and store them, greatly reducing the loss caused by data loss. From the scanner itself, the author also found a particularly interesting point (self-learning function), the efficiency gain of the first use and the Nth use is different, when you record enough data, ScanSnap Home software can more accurately predict the data presented after the final scan, such as: title, content, headers in the notes and a number of messages appearing in the business card. So the new scanning experience brought by the Fujitsu iX1500 scanner Let me see that this scanner is not only an improvement in hardware, but also an improvement in scanning efficiency and user experience. These are more in line with the digitalization process of the enterprise!