The pilot period from September 28, 2018 onwards, to November 30, 2020, the newly purchased new qualified agricultural machinery products can apply for subsidies. Good news! Buy stem and leaf vegetabl

In order to play the guiding role of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, accelerate the testing and application of agricultural machinery new products, to support the promotion of agricultural machinery product technology innovation and research and development production, better meet the needs of the vast number of farmers to new agricultural machinery, recently, Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery Administration, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the

Jiangsu Province 2018-2020 Year Agricultural machinery new product purchase subsidy pilot Implementation plan, carries on the deployment to the related work. "Program" clearly defined the scope of the pilot product, in accordance with the advanced application, risk controllable, fair and open principles, to carry out new agricultural machinery procurement subsidy pilot work, pilot products including stem and leaf vegetables harvester, self-walking lifting machine (platform), pure electric self-walking spray spray machine.

The program also clarified that the annual Pilot fund volume of not more than 30 million yuan, in the province issued by the agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Fund co-ordination arrangements. The pilot subsidy amount is: hand-held self-propelled stem and leaf vegetables harvester 800 yuan; self-propelled with transmission and collection of duplex function of the stem and leaf vegetable harvester 2500 yuan; power 4kW and above, load of more than kg and above the self-propelled lifting machine (platform) 6000 yuan; 13.24

KW The following electric self-walking spray spray machine 3000 yuan, 13.24 kw and above electric self-walking spray spray machine 13000 yuan.

Jiangsu Province 2018-2020 years of agricultural machinery new product subsidy object for the agricultural production of individuals and agricultural production and management organizations, including agricultural production and management organizations, such as rural collective economic organizations, farmers professional cooperative economy organizations, agricultural enterprises and other organizations engaged in agricultural production and management.