The car engine is also divided into materials. Is it good for all aluminum? Is it good for cast iron? Is there any difference?

Looking at the era of quality, the value of the face is important, but the essence of the product is more important, especially in the automotive sector. Nowadays, many people buy cars, and the most important thing is the engine. Then the problem is coming. The engine is now full of aluminum and cast iron. Which one of the two engines is good? What is the difference? Look at these, everyone should know what is going on!

Everyone should know that most of the current engines are all-aluminum engines, and the cast iron engines are getting smaller and smaller. Why is this happening? Can it be said that the performance of all-aluminum engines is good? In fact, for this problem, we Look carefully at the analysis.

First look at the aluminum engine, which generally has a better heat dissipation effect. This is unmatched by iron engines, but the engine can withstand higher heat loads. The most important point is manufacturing. The cost is low, and the disease resistance is also very strong. This is incomparable to the aluminum engine. Everyone knows that the lighter the car is now, the lighter the weight, so the most basic starting point is on the engine.

It can be said that the heaviest part of the whole car, the number of engines, if you can reduce the weight of the engine, it can be said that it is very good, according to the weight, the all-aluminum engine is about 20 kg lighter than the iron-cast engine. This weight is still a large proportion for the whole vehicle, but it is also mentioned above, its heat dissipation effect is good, but the heat load capacity is low.

Now the reason why the engines in the group are so popular are mainly self-priming. Most of the engines for help are turbocharged. After all, the heat load is strong, so some people think that Audi is a big brand. The iron-cast engine is the most fundamental reason.

The most important thing for a car is the engine. For the performance of the engine, whether it is aluminum or iron, at least the heat load capacity is up to standard. Otherwise, there are still a lot of self-igniting cars, but right. 2. For a turbocharged engine, cast iron is not a big problem.

The reason why the aluminum engine is highly praised is not that the technology is particularly advanced. The most important thing is that the all-aluminum engine is not as advertised by the manufacturer. Compared with the cast iron engine, it is considered to be on an equal footing. Because his advantages are more adaptive, the current concept of environmental protection and emission reduction.

If the car is only for household use, it does not involve modification and performance improvement. Therefore, the all-aluminum engine is definitely the first choice. If you want to pursue power and stimulation, and you want to modify the car, you are still advised to choose iron. The engine, after all, is extremely resistant to load and can definitely satisfy everyone's dreams.