TCL washing machine sticks to the beginning of the heart | to avoid dirty washing and lead the industry a healthy new life

The 2018 China Washing Machine and Dryer Industry Summit was held at the New World Trade Center Hotel in Beijing on October 11. The mainstream domestic washing machine and dryer brand and the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry gathered together to discuss the washing machine and dryer products. Opportunities and challenges in the Chinese market. TCL washing machine does not forget the initial heart, focus on the healthy life of users, and innovate for the healthy life of users. In 2018, TCL washing machine brand new upgraded pollution-free + product brand strategy, providing users with the ultimate product experience and service. With a pragmatic and innovative corporate philosophy, we dare to dare to adhere to the spirit of enterprise, pay tribute to the great era, and practice the big country brand. This time, TCL washing machine once again won the '2018 China washing machine industry pollution-free washing leading brand', '2018 China's washing machine industry pollution-free innovation star (XQGM100-14307BD Liushajin)' offline product award and '2018 China's washing machine industry low temperature and quick-drying (washing and drying one) innovation star (XQG100-U8 Liushajin)' online Three awards for product awards, to avoid pollution and wash the industry to lead the health upgrade.

Be brave in innovation, dare to dare to persist

All greatness stems from the courage to think, all development comes from dare to do, all achievements stem from the insistence on innovation. TCL washing machine concentrates on product innovation, constantly breaks through the technical barriers of traditional household appliances, dare to dare to persist. For preferential treatment of clothing, let Every time you wash your clothes, you can create a healthy family, ensure 24 hours of peace of mind, TCL washing machine brand new upgraded pollution-free + product brand strategy, the first revolutionary, subversive pollution-free new category, continue to upgrade free sewage system solutions, Say goodbye to laundry secondary pollution, cross-contamination; patent low-temperature quick-drying condensation technology, to achieve washing and drying in 40 minutes, wash and dry; to create a comprehensive care from the clean laundry, health care, comfortable wear to dignified travel. To avoid pollution, convenience, cloud intelligence to open the heart · net era.

In March 2016, TCL washing machine created a revolutionary subversive pollution-free washing machine, and the pollution-free washing machine began to enter the historical stage. In August 2016, the TCL pollution-free drum washing machine was introduced to realize the drum anti-fouling system solution. In March 2017, the first non-pollution barrel in the barrel washing machine became the founder of the free sewage system solution; in March 2018, the 'free pollution +' strategic upgrade, TCL washing machine will be the first to achieve the line in 2018 The whole product line is free of pollution, and at the same time, it stops the research and development investment of non-stainless products, and stops production of non-soil-free washing machines in 2020, gradually pushing health care to a new milestone, making pollution-free + truly a standard for healthy living. TCL pollution-free washing machine is guided by innovative pollution-free technology, making pollution-free drinking a standard for healthy living. It will become the leading brand of pollution-free washing in China's washing machine industry in 2018. TCL pollution-free washing machine will never stop innovation. , continue to focus on the healthy life of users, focus on pollution-free innovation and innovation, create new product possibilities, and let technology bring users a better life.

Carefully crafted for a lifetime

Every industry has a soul called 'artisan spirit', which is an awe-inspiring temperament: finely crafted, refined, meticulous, eager to seek. Simple things to repeat, you are a connoisseur, repeat things Doing you is the winner. Use technology to lead the future development, use innovative products to meet the needs of users, choose a life for a lifetime, so as not to care for the health of users and family members. In the current rapid changes in the market environment, TCL washing machines have undoubtedly played for many home appliance companies. It is a good example. It not only introduces washing machine products that meet the needs of users through innovative technology, but also opens up a new era of free pollution, completely solves the problem of secondary pollution of laundry for hundreds of millions of households, and provides a good solution for the entire home appliance industry. Demonstration role. In 2018, TCL washing machine, the founder of the industry free pollution system solution, upgraded 'free pollution' to a 'free pollution +' strategy to provide more users with the health benefits of pollution-free washing machines. Care, create 100% free dirty health care care.

The TCL pollution-free washing machine realizes the user-provided all-round, full-process, full-life pollution-free system: The washing machine thoroughly bids farewell to solid contaminants (filaments, hair, metal, oxides, etc.) and germs (bacterial microorganisms) to achieve all-round 100% health care for pollution-free; free of pollution in the whole process of washing, no separate procedures, no pollution process, convenient and worry-free, each time a brand new laundry experience, giving the clothes a new look; providing customers with a life-cycle free solution In the product life cycle of TCL pollution-free washing machine, from purchase to use, no matter how long or short, it will always be free of pollution, and will not cause pollution during use. It will encourage consumers to use the washing machine more confidently, which is more healthy for us. A protection, and a warm atmosphere at home.

Life will always give you all kinds of sudden, you need to go out to participate in important activities, but the clothes are accidentally contaminated with dirty things, so that you are caught off guard. TCL pollution-free washing machine uses the first low-temperature quick-drying condensation washing and drying machine, double-layer efficient Metal condenser, realizes 40-minute speed-washing and drying--two shirts for 40 minutes, which is fast-washing, that is, washing and drying, and two shirts are drying at 26 minutes. This low-temperature and quick-drying technology solves this problem and allows users to solve this problem. It is easy to wash and enjoy, and enjoy the freedom of life. Every time you can feel the peace of mind and the washing machine is different from ordinary washing and drying. TCL pollution-free washing machine adopts 50 degree low temperature drying and care, let the clothes dry at low temperature. In the process, even wool, down, silk and other materials can achieve delicate drying care, so that laundry drying is no longer a constraint in fast-paced life. In addition, using motor, fan BLDC dual frequency conversion technology, to achieve 45 decibel washing mute, The speed is up to 1400 rpm, which can easily support the long-term efficient and stable operation of the washing machine. It can save energy and high efficiency without deformation, and the power is lasting for 20 years. T-DI intelligent and accurate automatic delivery system, 1.2 liters of super large volume, Add washed twice in January to meet the desired user to create a comfortable living space.

Pollution-free care leads the future

TCL refrigerator washing machine has established a good brand reputation in the market with its persistent pursuit of healthy life for users and the spirit of innovation that dares to dare to persist. TCL washing machine will be user-centered, through innovative technology and design as products. Using a pragmatic solution to bring more surprises and practical experiences to consumers with healthy and intelligent new products, all-round solutions to the pain points and difficulties encountered in the daily life of users!

In the first half of 2018, TCL washing machines were one of the few ice-washing enterprises that maintained large growth. From January to August, TCL washing machine sales increased by 20.3% year-on-year. From free pollution to pollution-free +, TCL washing machine is Through the continuous upgrading of product technology, the family's healthy life will accelerate, increase the temperature for the healthy life of the family, and create a healthy 'home' speed. It will also promote the transformation of the entire washing machine industry to health care.