OPPO released Hyper Boost Acceleration Engine | help towards the full and accelerated smartphone

October 11, 2018, Shanghai, China - OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. today released a full-scale, system-level resource scheduling optimization program - OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine. This engine will help achieve Android smartphone power consumption and performance. Performance optimization, comprehensive acceleration of user experience. As a system-level optimization solution developed by OPPO for three years, OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine will be fully equipped in OPPO R17 series; in addition, OPPO existing models are also partially optimized. Functional experience, follow-up will be updated through the official system, so that more new and old users can enjoy a more comprehensive acceleration experience.

Chen Yan, Head of Software Research Center of OPPO Research Institute

Chen Yan, head of the Software Research Center of OPPO Research Institute, said: 'As early as 2015, OPPO has started to optimize the system engine. After continuous improvement and iteration, we officially released the OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine today. Fully make up for the imperfection of the resource allocation mechanism at the Android system level. This leading technology demonstrates the strength of OPPO's leading technology innovation and will help us to provide users with a better operating experience.

The core working principle of the OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine is to enable real-time 'two-way conversations' between applications and system resources. When different scenarios and user behaviors from applications and game programs are recognized by the Hyper Boost acceleration engine, it will be tailored to specific needs. Sexually, optimize system resource allocation in an all-round way, so that hardware resources can be better utilized, so that applications and game programs respond more quickly, and the overall system runs more smoothly.

OPPO Hyper Boost consists of three parts, from the system, games and applications to the full acceleration of the smartphone:

· System Boost (System Engine): OPPOHyper Boost is compatible with multiple underlying hardware platforms for global optimization. The system engine can provide more than 50 optimization solutions for more than 20 software scenarios, more than 20 software behaviors, and fully invoke the underlying hardware. Resources, ensuring users enjoy a smoother, more stable experience in most common scenarios.

· Game Boost (game engine): OPPO is the first to deep cooperation with Tencent, Netease, and Unreal Unreal, Unity, Cocos three major game engines, the next will be the underlying optimization of Top100 mobile games. Currently, the game engine for the king's glory, stimulate the battlefield Eleven of the top mobile games on the market offer special optimizations. At the same time, its polymorphic network acceleration technology intelligently distributes traffic data between data networks and Wi-Fi network channels, improving overall network latency and helping players gain more A relaxed, fun gaming experience.

App Boost (Application Engine): OPPO pioneered system-level optimization for platform-level super applications: Optimized by the WeChat team based on the HC framework, the application engine optimized for 11 user scenarios of WeChat, fluency and speed Both have been greatly improved; through the customization and optimization of mobile phone Taobao team, the optimization of 19 user scenarios for mobile phone Taobao, the fluency and efficiency have been significantly improved; through the collaborative optimization with the mobile QQ team, for the 13 users in the mobile QQ The scene is optimized, and the application feedback and user experience optimization effects are obvious.

Thanks to the cooperation with the whole industry chain, OPPO fully integrates the terminal products, chip platform, APP application and engine side. Based on the Hyper Boost acceleration engine, OPPO cooperates with the industrial chain to bring Android smartphone users. A comprehensive upgrade of the experience.

OPPO has always adhered to the 'user needs' and 'front-edge technology' dual-drive, constantly strengthening its leading position in the field of super flash charging, image photography and other advantages, while at the same time overweight in 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and other fields of layout and development Enhance the overall technological innovation of the company. This year, OPPO has brought AI ultra clear night scenes, Super VOOC super flash charging, 3D structured light and TOF and other eye-catching application technology breakthroughs. OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine launch, further enhance The user experience will help the smartphone to move towards a comprehensive acceleration era.

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