Nokia X7 running data exposure: equipped with Snapdragon 710, good results

In the new machine poster released by Nokia yesterday, we learned that Nokia is about to release a new machine that focuses on night photography. Yesterday, the details of this product were leaked again.

This new model of the TA-1131 Nokia has once again appeared on the GeekBench website after passing the network access license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the mystery of this new Nokia machine is being unveiled step by step.

From the running point data, the Nokia X7 single-core score is 1827 points, multi-core 5937 points. Here compared to another flagship chip Kirin 970, Kirin 970 single-core running points 1900 points, multi-core running points 6200 points, then There is no doubt that the Nokia X7 processor should be the flagship positioning of the Snapdragon 710 processor.

In addition to the hardware configuration is good, Nokia X7 will also have a good night-time camera, its poster theme is 'shooting secretly' implies that the Nokia X7 has excellent night performance, it is worth looking forward to.

Like the Nokia X6, the machine also uses Liu Haiping. The screen size is 6.18 inches and the resolution is 2246*1080. The back shape is not much different from the Nokia X6. It is available in red, silver and blue. The size of the body measurements It is 154.8*75.76*7.97mm and weighs 185g.

Nokia X7 will be Nokia's first mid-range smartphone with ZEISS certified lens. Under the support of powerful camera strength, I believe Nokia's new machine will not disappoint consumers.