Another way? Nokia's new machine | 'The side door' | Can you create new achievements?

Yesterday, Nokia officially announced the promotional poster of the new Nokia X7, and then the machine also appeared on the GeekBench running sub-site, the results are quite good. Although the Nokia X7 equipped with the Snapdragon 710 is not the latest batch of chips, but the popularity of the machine But it is no less than some mid-end flagships on the market. Why is this?

The reason is that Nokia does not take the usual product strategy. After the return to the smart phone market and the first round of bombing, Nokia has re-launched the name in the industry, with affordable prices and excellent Android native system, Nokia. In the Chinese market, a number of 'hardcore fans' have been harvested. In the second round of mobile phone strategy, Nokia does not seem to intend to carry out the benefits in the end, or to refine the 'door-to-door' effort, let us look at Nokia's new second half of the year What are the differences between the machines?

Nokia 7.1: Screen quality

On the 4th of this month, Nokia released the first mid-range mobile phone in the second half of the year - Nokia 7.1. Although this phone does not see much bright spots in appearance and configuration, but the price of 2396 yuan is successfully caused by the media. Concerned, why is the low-end model of a Xiaolong 636 dare to priced at 2,396 yuan?

Originally, Nokia 7.1 made a doorway on the screen. On the front of the 5.84-inch FHD+ display on the front of the mobile phone, there are hidden technologies. It not only supports HDR display, but also uses PureDisplay technology created by HMD and Pixelworks. , can effectively enhance the visual experience. At the same time, Nokia 7.1 also supports real-time conversion of SDR to HDR, making the screen effect more vivid and moving.

Nokia 7.1 Plus: Super Night Shot

After the release of Nokia 7.1, Nokia will bring the second mid-range model, Nokia 7.1 Plus, on the 16th of this month. Recently, the appearance and configuration information of the machine has been fully revealed.

It is reported that this mid-end flagship will focus on night photography, and its ZEISS-certified rear-mounted dual-camera will provide users with an excellent night shooting experience, while the good hardware performance and design also meet the mid-range flagship on the market. The product offers a lot of competitiveness.

Nokia 9: The strongest 5 photo flagship

From Nokia's first two models that have been released and yet to be released, we can find that Nokia's series of mobile phone products released in the second half of the year will be based on the camera's camera capabilities. So, in this case, Nokia's annual flagship can not fall into the natural Downwind.

According to a series of media reports from previous parties, the flagship Nokia 9 may be officially debuted at the end of this year. Although the specific configuration information is not yet clear, the biggest feature of this phone, the rear 5-camera, was exposed by the media early. Looking at the spy photos, the Nokia 9's rear 5 shots are distributed in the ring on the back of the fuselage, and the flash is also on the same track as the camera. The visual perception is very shocking. At the same time, under the support of 5 ZEISS certified cameras, Can Nokia grab the throne of the DxO champion from Huawei? Let us wait and see.

After ending the first round of offensive madness and price-performance, Nokia has to think about the future development of its products. In the face of the serious situation of homogenization of products in the domestic market, Nokia has taken a different approach. Can the road's product ideas usher in the 'second spring'? I believe this is worth looking forward to.