The rattan pepper industry is gradually expanding | blanching machine, ultrasonic equipment to help

Yesterday, when I sorted out the photo album, I found a picture saved during the typhoon mangroves last month. Some people in Guangdong photographed the supermarket shelves. They found that in an empty space, the instant noodles of the rattan pepper were left alone on the shelves, remembering that they were on Weibo. There is also #藤椒 instant noodles hacked to the worst of the ## hot search. I don't know how, looking at this photo suddenly has the impulse to eat instant noodles with cane, before that, let's take a look at the recent fires Rattan pepper.

According to experts and scholars, the rattan pepper industry has emerged in the past ten years, especially in the past six years, the development momentum is very rapid. Like KFC, Master Kong, Unification, Lao Niang, etc., they have introduced foods of rattan taste, even some netizens said The restaurant has seen the vine pepper soup. The vine pepper is actually the same as the pepper, and its appearance is very similar to that of the pepper. The color is greenish green, it is more fragrant than the pepper, and the numbness is softer. Therefore, it is widely used in the Sichuan flavor hot pot soup. Bottom production.

The storage conditions of the rattan pepper are more stringent. If it is removed for 48 hours without processing, browning will occur, and the internal oil will seep and drain. In Sichuan, there was a bell pepper transport vehicle and a toll station. The catalogue of live agricultural products, does it enjoy the green channel policy?' This problem has been entangled, stalemate for 11 hours, and then found that more than 10,000 kilograms of rattan pepper has deteriorated. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautionary measures immediately after picking the rattan pepper. Or directly carry out deep processing sales.

At present, for the preservation of the vine pepper, the rattan pepper preservation storage production equipment can be used. The equipment mainly uses the biological enzyme passivation technology and the vacuum refrigeration preservation technology to treat the vine pepper. The biological enzyme passivation technology is an electric way to make the vine pepper It is not conducive to the preservation of enzymes, and loses sensitivity to environmental reactions. Subsequently, the equipment is vacuum-sealed and stored at low temperature, and stored in cold chain logistics. Through the preservation operation of the equipment, the pepper can greatly extend the storage period. , to provide the necessary protection for the fresh food of the bell pepper.

The biological enzyme passivation technology can also be replaced by a blanching machine. After the blanching, the cooled rattan pepper can also maintain the original flavor, which can better guarantee the original quality of the rattan pepper. The current market blanching equipment The development is relatively complete, from the feeding, stirring, turning to the water control, cooling, discharge, automatic control of the ingredients. In order to ensure that all the pepper can be completely treated by hot water, the blanching machine is also equipped with a double mesh belt to ensure Pressing completely. In addition, the blanching machine is also equipped with a water bath cooling system, which can quickly cool the material to room temperature after blanching, reducing nutrient loss.

In addition to fresh food, the preservation of the vine pepper, more places, companies try to deep-process the vine pepper. Like the Sichuan Lutai Luxi Industrial Park, the introduction of the Fujio deep processing technology transformation project. The project through the construction of three automatic rattan pepper The production line processes the rattan pepper, which can produce deep-processed products such as dried rattan pepper, rattan pepper oil, etc., and accelerate the development of the rattan pepper industry based on the geographical advantages of the local rattan pepper production area. In addition, Santai County plans to build 5 rattan pepper rough processing plants. 4. Extend the industrial chain of the vine pepper and increase the added value of the vine.

At present, the refined foods on the market are mainly rattan pepper oil, rattan pepper sauce, etc. Among them, because the rattan pepper itself has the effect of loosening and silting, it has the effect of eliminating stomach and stomach, so that the oil produced also has certain spleen effect, which is consistent with Today's healthy dietary needs. In order to retain more nutrients in the pepper, many rattan oil manufacturers use cold-pressing methods for oil extraction. Water bath, ultrasonic, microwave-assisted solvent is a common cold-squeezing method. Ultrasound-assisted extraction has the most types of components, and the relative content of its characteristic flavor components is also the highest. The ultrasonic production line required for this production method has been developed by Sichuan mechanical equipment manufacturers and scientific research units.

It can be seen that in the development of the rattan pepper industry, people continue to try to use the rattan pepper storage and production equipment, blanching machine, ultrasonic production line and other equipment to help the preservation of the pepper, further deep processing, etc., the use of equipment not only improves the production of rattan pepper The efficiency, but also to maximize the preservation of the nutrients of the rattan pepper. Looking forward to more can be seen in the future, the promotion of the rattan pepper industry.