Source: itu, The global finishing of the chart 2018 1-August National New PV capacity status statistics

January-August, the national power supply new production capacity of 72.54 million-kilowatt, less than a year earlier production 9.13 million-kilowatt, down 11.2%. Among them, hydropower 5.76 million-kilowatt, Less than a year earlier production of 2.07 million-kilowatt, down 26.4%; thermal power 21.18 million-kilowatt, less than a year earlier production 4.7 million-kilowatt, down 18.2%; nuclear power added 2.21 million-kilowatt, More than a year earlier production of 1.13 million-kilowatt; Wind 10.26 million-kilowatt,

More than a year earlier production of 1.67 million-kilowatt, an increase of 19.4%, solar power 33.03 million-kilowatt, less than a year earlier production of 5.25 million-kilowatt, down 13.7%.

Figure 1 growth of renewable energy generation investment since 2016

Source: clp, Chinese Figure global January-August, the national new nuclear power, wind power installed proportion Increased. Among them, the new hydropower accounted for 7.9% of the new assembly machine, a decrease of 1.6% compared with a year earlier, the new thermal power installed capacity of 29.2%, a decrease of 2.5% compared with the same period a year earlier;

Increased by 3.6% per cent over a year earlier, and 45.6% in new solar power, down 1.3% from a year earlier.

Figure 2 2018 1-August China new type of the classification of the ratio of installed

Data source: itu, Central Global

2018 1-August, China's New installed capacity is mainly concentrated in jiangsu, anhui, henan, shanxi, zhejiang, Shandong and Hebei provinces (new installed in more than 4.3 million-kilowatt), accounting for the total number of new installed 48.4%;

The new type of installed mainly solar power installed, accounted for 45.5%, solar power new installed mainly distributed in jiangsu, shandong, zhejiang, hebei, anhui, Henan and other provinces (new installed more than 2.6 million-kilowatt);

Power plant accounted for 29.2% of new installed, mainly in tianjin, anhui, jiangxi, henan, Guangdong and Shanxi provinces (thermal power installed projects total more than 1.3 million-kilowatt);

Wind power new installed ratio of 14.1%, mainly concentrated in jiangsu, shanxi, qinghai, Henan and Hubei provinces (total project installed in more than 700,000-kilowatt);

The proportion of new installed power of hydropower is 7.9%, mainly concentrated in yunnan, sichuan, guangdong, Gansu and Hainan provinces (project total installed more than 400,000-kilowatt).

Figure 3 2018 1-August types of new installed in the provinces