New energy battery provides new power for Guangdong Jiangmen | Strive to achieve industrial output value of over 80 billion yuan in 2025

On October 8th, the first working day after the end of the National Day Golden Week, the project of the beautiful energy company Lixinxin project in the new energy vehicle lithium battery material production base in Jiangmen High-tech Zone gradually resumed, and the construction of the plant is underway. In the future, the world will be established here. The largest new energy vehicle lithium battery production base.

In recent years, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China have continued to grow, and the demand for new energy-efficient batteries for automobiles has risen. As a result, the new energy battery industry has become a key emerging industry in the country, and a development plan has been introduced. According to the latest release of Jiangmen this year. The city will promote the development plan of the new energy battery industry. Jiangmen will build a national-level new energy battery industry cluster with strong influence. By 2025, the output value will exceed 80 billion yuan.

The key component of the power battery - the battery core

Create a new energy battery key industry cluster

The data shows that in 2017, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China completed 794,000 and 777,000 respectively. It has ranked first in global production and sales for three consecutive years, accounting for more than half of the global new energy vehicle market. New energy vehicle production and sales are growing rapidly. Driven the production of new energy batteries. It is reported that China's current power battery shipments account for more than 70% of the global market.

In order to promote the healthy development of the industry, in early 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the four ministries jointly formulated and issued the “Action Plan for Promoting the Development of Automotive Power Battery Industry”, and deployed the main tasks of the development of the power battery industry. And formulated relevant safeguard measures to accelerate the development of China's automotive power battery industry capacity and level.

The reporter learned that since the beginning of this year, the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to and closely paid attention to the development of the new energy battery industry. In this year's investment promotion work, Jiangmen has taken new materials, new energy and equipment as one of the accelerated industrial clusters, and strives to New energy battery has made a breakthrough in the emerging industry. It is reported that Jiangmen City has also established a new energy battery industry working group composed of the government and enterprises. The deputy mayor Cai Dewei is the leader of the group, including members of the municipal (district) government. Relevant departments and key enterprises have initially formed a working mechanism of 'coordinating and advancing together.

In April this year, the Jiangmen Municipal Government Office issued the “Jiangmen City Promotion of New Energy Battery Industry Development Work Plan”. The plan proposes that Jiangmen’s new energy battery industry will become a key battery and component for the battery, and a new lithium-ion battery. New system battery, new energy battery high-end manufacturing equipment, new energy battery recycling and utilization of a national production base, research and development base and equipment manufacturing base. By 2020, Jiangmen will build a new energy battery key material production base to form regional lithium Ion battery key material industry cluster, strive to exceed 30 billion yuan in the city's industrial scale. By 2025, Jiangmen will rely on new energy battery and vehicle manufacturing two leading industries, accelerate the accumulation of upstream and downstream resources in the industry chain, expand domestic and foreign markets, and achieve Large-scale industry scale, enhance industrial competitiveness, build a national-level new energy battery industry cluster with large scale, good efficiency, strong innovation capability and complete industrial chain, and the output value will exceed 80 billion yuan.

The upstream material manufacturing industry group is initially formed

As a traditional industrial city in Guangdong, Jiangmen has a certain foundation in the production of traditional batteries. The 'Sanqi' brand battery currently on the market is produced locally by Jiangmen. In recent years, with the change of market demand, traditional battery manufacturers gradually move to new energy batteries. In addition, due to the promising market prospects, many foreign capitals have also come to Jiangmen to invest in new energy battery related industries. Among them, the new energy vehicle lithium battery material production base started at the end of 2017, the beautiful section of the project, by Belgian beautiful branch of the world's leading technology materials company cooperated with Jiangmen Changxin Technology Co., Ltd. The project mainly produces high-performance lithium battery cathode materials and their precursors, and plans to build the world's largest lithium battery production base for new energy vehicles to create new global energy sources. The core industrial base of automotive lithium battery materials, the first phase of the project is expected to be put into operation in the first half of 2019.

According to the data provided by Jiangmen City Economic and Information Bureau, the total output value of the battery manufacturing industry in Jiangmen in 2017 is close to 5 billion yuan, initially forming a lithium core with beautiful Ke Changxin, Keheng, Fangyuan, Longyang, Rongchao and other enterprises. Ion battery upstream material manufacturing industry group, in the upstream raw materials, upstream cell materials, battery manufacturing and PACK group, battery manufacturing equipment, etc. have layout.

Feng Xuchu, chairman of Jiangmen Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Research Institute Co., Ltd., said that Guangdong is one of the world's largest lithium battery manufacturing bases, with only 60% of domestic power battery production. Jiangmen is the main raw material for power batteries in the province. The production base, especially the research and production capacity of nickel-hydrogen battery cathode materials for hybrid vehicles, is at the domestic leading level. In 2017, the annual production capacity of Jiangmen Ni-MH battery cathode materials accounted for nearly 50% of the country, which is the largest cathode material for domestic nickel-hydrogen batteries. Production base.

It is reported that the new energy battery industry in Jiangmen is mainly concentrated in the upstream of the lithium-ion battery industry chain, with more than 20 production companies. Among them, Umicore Changxin, Keheng, and Fangyuan Environmental are leading enterprises in the production of cathode materials. Rongrong Electronics, Long Century produces negative electrode materials, diaphragm materials.

Jin Linlin, a professor at Guangdong University of Technology who has long been concerned about strategic emerging industry planning, analyzed at the training course on new energy battery industry held by Jiangmen City Economic and Information Bureau in June this year. Although Jiangmen has a certain development foundation in the new energy battery industry, However, it has not yet formed a trend of becoming bigger and stronger. 'At present, most of Jiangmen lithium battery companies produce cathode materials, anode materials, separator materials, and production layouts in the fields of electrolytes, battery cells, and battery management systems.'

Strive to develop into the entire industry chain

In order to change this situation, Jiangmen City promotes the development of new energy battery industry work plan, Jiangmen will rely on key materials leading enterprises, as well as new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprises to pull, from the production of new energy battery key materials to battery cells Manufacturing industry transformation. By 2025, the output value of high-end manufacturing equipment for new energy batteries will exceed 15 billion yuan, and the output value of key materials for new energy batteries will exceed 30 billion yuan. The output value of battery recycling will exceed 5 billion yuan. Other industrial chain supporting and service output value The scale is over 10 billion yuan.

Under the guidance of this program, many enterprises in Jiangmen began to exert force on other parts of the industrial chain. In terms of new energy vehicle manufacturing, Jiangmen City has introduced Dongfeng Motor's new energy vehicle project. It is reported that the project is mainly based on the current new energy vehicle segment. The fastest growing logistics vehicle in the field. Wu Jiemin, general manager of Heshan Dongfeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. introduced: 'We plan to produce 10,000 new energy commercial vehicles this year, which requires 10,000 battery packs, which is expected to account for new energy in the country. The total demand for commercial vehicle batteries is 5%. ' Such a huge demand is enough to attract many new energy battery companies to settle here, which can drive the development of the entire Jiangmen new energy battery industry.

In the production workshop of Haimenxing (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., automatic electric core assembly line, automatic power battery drying line and other products are continuously running on the assembly line. Haimingxing (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Ma Runpeng, Manager of the Resource Administration Center, said: 'We are currently producing up to 15 high-end power battery intelligent manufacturing equipment. These equipments are generally modular, fully automatic, pollution-free, and highly efficient. 'As a new introduction of Jiangmen in recent years. Power battery production equipment manufacturing enterprises, the company's output value in the first half of this year reached 80 million yuan, the estimated annual output value will exceed 250 million yuan.

In addition to the field of new energy battery production equipment, Jiangmen enterprises also aim at the upcoming peak period of new energy battery recycling. The high-tech research and development lithium battery research institute recently released a report showing that in 2018, the earliest batch of used power batteries began to enter the end of life. It is estimated that 70,000 tons of power batteries will be decommissioned in 2018, and the number of power batteries to be decommissioned will reach 243,000 tons by 2020. According to industry insiders, 70% of them can be used in stages, and 30% need to be recycled. Feng Xuchu suggested that manganese, Raw materials such as cobalt and nickel are non-renewable resources. Exploring the recycling and utilization of power batteries and building urban mineral resources are important links for the development of new energy automobile industry in the future. We hope to support Jiangmen to establish a power battery for upstream and downstream enterprises. Recycling system, utilization of ladders, reuse of technology research and product development and application. It is reported that as one of the leading enterprises in the production of cathode materials for Jiangmen new energy battery, Fangyuan Environmental Protection, around the ternary cathode material business of lithium-ion battery, and new The three-board listed company Betray has carried out all-round cooperation and jointly created the whole The largest power battery cathode material production base and electric vehicle-based waste power battery recycling demonstration base. In addition, the company also recently contacted Veolia, France, to undertake the use and recycling of BYD electric vehicle power battery .