Overseas expansion and speed increase | SAIC Chase overseas expansion to 45 countries and regions

On September 27, SAIC Datong officially signed a general agent distribution agreement with the top three RSA automobile import and distribution groups in Norway. This marked the official entry of SAIC Datong into the largest electric vehicle market in Europe.

At present, Norway has become the country with the highest proportion of new energy vehicles per capita. It is the largest in Europe and the third largest new energy vehicle market in the world. Since the beginning of this year, the sales of electric vehicles in Norway have increased by 36% year-on-year. The growth is as high as 128%. In the promotion and use of electric vehicles, the Norwegian government has given high encouragement and attention, and has introduced corresponding policies in all aspects to support it. It can be said that Norway is becoming a paradise for the development of new energy vehicles in the world. SAIC Chase entered this market and found a bigger stage to release its vitality.

Join forces to help SAIC Chase open the territory

It is reported that at the 2017 Guangzhou Auto Show, RSA Group CEO Frank came to China, the first time '邂逅' SAIC Chase, he soon became interested in pure electric wide-body light passenger EV80. In April this year, Frank When I visited the Beijing Auto Show again, I was attracted by the new concept car TARANTULA released by SAIC Chase. I found SAIC Chase and expressed my willingness to become the general agent of Norway. In May, RSA Group visited the SAIC Wuxi factory and the design center. Marketing Center, and further enhanced the confidence of SAIC Chase brand. In June, SAIC Chase products and marketing team came to Norway to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the Norwegian market, the sales and after-sales service capabilities of the general agents. After careful evaluation Market analysis, product definition and business negotiation, finally on September 27, SAIC Chase and RSA Automotive Import and Distribution Group formally signed a general agent distribution agreement.

RSA Automotive Import and Distribution Group has a history of 82 years and is the top three automotive import and distribution group in Norway. In Norway, RSA's main business covers automobile import, distribution, retail and after-sales, and its agent brands include Jeep, Suzuki, Isuzu, Fiat, etc., currently has 11 self-operated outlets and 120 joint venture outlets in Norway. Since the establishment of SAIC Chase in 2011, the development results and speed industry are obvious to all. From January to August this year, SAIC Datong's overseas sales reached 10015. The vehicle basically flattened overseas sales last year; the cumulative sales of the whole vehicle was 55,667 units, a year-on-year increase of 47%, and the growth momentum was strong.

To a certain extent, the two sides' strong cooperation has helped SAIC Datong expand its presence in the Norwegian market, bringing local consumers a product that represents the strength of China's smart manufacturing and the world's leading new energy technology. The overseas map of Chase has also expanded to 45 countries and regions.

Frequent efforts in overseas markets to demonstrate the strength of Chinese manufacturing

From the beginning of this year, SAIC Chase has successively won the favor of major European customers, including the UK's first postal brand Royal Mail, the world's leading postal and logistics group DHL, the world's largest furniture and household goods retailer IKEA and other logistics, leasing The leader in the home improvement industry has received large orders in overseas developed markets, which fully confirms the leading technical level of SAIC products.

At the just-concluded 67th Hannover International Auto Show, SAIC Chase brought EV80 to the attention of European users and dealers, and even rushed to seize its agency rights; on September 4th, European car rental company Hertz Germany shared the car In cooperation with IKEA, SAIC Chase delivered three EV80s to IKEA Germany. Currently, EV80 furniture transport vehicles are used in IKEA furniture stores in Frankfurt, Carmen and Warau. In addition, IKEA is still in Shanghai, the UK Purchased SAIC Chase EV80 as a furniture transport vehicle.

It is worth mentioning that SAIC EV80 is put into use, contributing to the goal of achieving 100% zero emissions in IKEA. On September 13, IKEA Group responded to the global zero-emission environmental protection call and promised at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS). In 2025, it will realize zero delivery of home delivery on a global scale. In view of the excellent product quality of SAIC Chase and close cooperation with many well-known European companies, IKEA has extended the olive branch of cooperation to SAIC Datong.

At present, SAIC Chase has formed five key core markets in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, ASEAN, South America and the Middle East, covering 45 countries and regions, and the breakthrough and key markets are the markets with extremely high thresholds, which truly highlights China. The strength of manufacturing.