Chinese companies help Malta achieve energy transformation

Shanghai Electric Power Malta D3 power plant aerial view.

From the average power outage of users for nearly 10 hours, power outages occur frequently, and the average power outage is less than 15 minutes. The reliability of the grid is 99.95%. In five years, the Mediterranean island country Malta has broken down mainly relying on traditional fuel-fired power plants and old circuit facilities. Backward energy pattern, to achieve the transition to clean energy power generation.

The key to the transformation lies in the 'One Belt, One Road' construction. Since 2013, Malta has started cooperation with China National Power Investment Group Shanghai Electric Power. Malta Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that this is a model for a win-win situation for economic and trade cooperation between Malaysia and China. While realizing its own development, Malta will also share successful experiences with more neighboring countries.

'From heavy oil to clean energy, Chinese companies have contributed

With its unique natural beauty, Malta attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. But Malta has been facing shortcomings with energy shortages and unreasonable structures. 'Malta lacks natural resources, energy supply has always relied on imports, and more than 63% of imported energy is used. In power generation. 'Shang Baojie, general manager of Shanghai Electric Power (Malta) Holdings, introduced. In order to promote the optimization of energy structure, reduce electricity costs, and ensure the security and stability of power supply on the island, Malta has been actively seeking strong partners.

In 2013, the Ministry of Energy of Malta signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the former China Power Investment Group. The investment cooperation project with Shanghai Power as the main investment provided technical and financial support for the transformation and upgrading of Malta's energy infrastructure.

Heavy oil once accounted for most of Malta's energy structure. The black smoke and pollution caused by heavy oil power made the nearby residents miserable. Local residents recalled that there were black spots on the lemons planted near the power plant, and the air condition was very bad.

'We not only contributed the first natural gas unit to the island for Malta, but also modified the internal combustion engine and upgraded the flue gas system. After the completion of the transformation, Malta completely bid farewell to heavy oil power generation, and the efficiency of the whole plant was raised from 46.7% to 50. %, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and other emission values ​​are far superior to the EU standards, and are at the world-class level. 'Introduction to Zhang Yuanyuan, deputy general manager of Shanghai Electric Power Malta.

David Gristi, Director of Production Technology Department of D3 Power Plant of Shanghai Electric Power Malta, witnessed the renewal of Malta's energy structure. 'Malta's energy structure can shift from heavy oil to clean energy. Chinese companies have contributed.'

'Chinese companies bring cutting-edge technology and advanced management experience'

'Many families and companies in our country have not installed air conditioners before, and the high electricity prices are prohibitive. In recent years, Malta's electricity prices have dropped by 25%. Now walking on the streets and communities, you can see more and more air conditioners. Grisdi is deeply touched by the changes in electricity prices. In the EU, Malta's electricity prices have fallen from the top three to the bottom.

Before the transformation, the Malta Energy Company had a cumbersome staff structure, most of the crew were outdated, and the power infrastructure was weak. Before 2015, the country's users had an average power outage of nearly 10 hours per year. After more than four years of hard work and integration, Shanghai Electric Power The non-technical line loss decreased from 14% to 4.7%, the grid reliability increased to 99.95%, and the average annual power outage time of users dropped to less than 15 minutes. The stability of the power grid, safety, reliability, and economy were greatly improved.

By optimizing the energy mix, the Maltese government has fulfilled its campaign promise to reduce the price of residential and commercial electricity by 25%. This has also raised Malta's national sovereign credit rating to 'A+' for the first time in 20 years, significantly increasing the country's overall investment environment.

The Malta Energy Company is Malta's largest state-owned enterprise. After working with Chinese companies, the Malta Energy Company turned around in the first year and made a profit for three consecutive years. 'This is a win-win project. The Malta Energy Company has suffered several consecutive losses. Wan, after Shanghai Electric Power came, everything has changed, we can make a profit, and we have our own business model.” Malvin Chilkop, Chairman of Malta Power Grid, said.

According to Joe Miz, Minister of Energy and Water Management of Malta, 'Chinese companies have brought cutting-edge technology and advanced management experience, which has benefited Malta's power reform and is of great significance to the country's development.'

Work together to operate overseas wind power projects, and China-EU cooperation wins

Recently, Zhang Yuanyuan basically spends half of his time in Montenegro in the Balkans every month, and is busy with the Mozula wind power project in Montenegro, which is working with Malta.

The Mozula Wind Power Project is the first overseas wind power project of Shanghai Electric Power and the Malta government. 'This flagship project demonstrates the fruitful results of the strategic changes in the Malta energy sector and is an important step for Malta to enhance its international influence.' Say.

In April this year, the first fan of the Mozula wind power project was successfully hoisted. The project plans to install 23 China Vision Energy 2.0 MW low wind speed intelligent wind turbines, which are expected to be put into operation this year.

The Mozula wind power project can not only help Montenegro improve the proportion of clean energy, but also increase employment and promote economic development. According to reports, the project has driven nearly 200 local people to work in the infrastructure construction stage. After the project is put into production, the annual power generation will account for Montenegro. 5% of power generation.

'This is a win-win situation, Malta, Shanghai Power and Montenegro, all parties can benefit.' Mize said that with the help and support of Chinese companies, Malta has made the project to the European continent, which makes Ma Zhong The road to sustainable development is growing wider and wider.

In addition, through the establishment of China Renewable Energy Development Co., Ltd., which is 70% owned by China, China and Malaysia jointly invested in 'sea' investment to develop 300 MW of renewable energy including wind power and photovoltaic power generation in Malta and continental Europe. The island's photovoltaic demonstration project - Malta Massa roof photovoltaic project has achieved full capacity commercial operation by the end of 2017.

Sheng Baojie said, 'The Maltese government and enterprises will pay more attention to cooperation with China and actively participate in the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” because they have seen the tangible benefits of this initiative.