Hitachi Analytical Instruments Releases Latest Compact Spark Direct Reading Spectrometer

Recently, Hitachi Analytical Instruments released the latest compact spark direct reading spectrometer FM EXPERT, which can meet the high demand metal analysis in the foundry industry and metal manufacturing industry.
From the analysis of trace elements in scrap metal, incoming material testing, melting process control and finished product testing, strict quality control is essential throughout the metal industry. FM EXPERT is a new generation of direct reading spectrometer with excellent analytical performance It is integrated with the compact design. Its wide wavelength range makes it suitable for the analysis of all relevant elements during metal quality assurance and production process control. At the same time, FM EXPERT is equipped with a compact CCD optical system and can also analyze low levels of nitrogen.
FM EXPERT combines Hitachi's patented intelligent optical system with an improved plasma view to ensure superior analytical performance over the entire wavelength range with low detection limits. Argon purge optical system reduces maintenance cycles and operations Cost. FM expert's sealed argon system is a best-in-class product that provides the best optical plasma viewing field and spray electrode technology to ensure reliable nitrogen analysis with a detection limit of 30ppm.
Nitrogen analysis is becoming more and more important in metal production. Metal manufacturers, processors and foundry industries need a compact and high performance entry-level spark direct reading spectrometer for nitrogen analysis, so FM EXPERT is the ideal analytical device for the metal manufacturing industry. Most steel products require nitrogen to be kept to a minimum to avoid inconsistent mechanical properties, brittleness of the heat affected zone of the welded steel, poor formability at low temperatures, strain aging and pinhole formation during casting. FM EXPERT performance is superior to similar products, especially Is for low nitrogen analysis.
FM EXPERT's three-sided spark table can measure samples of almost any size, from large semi-finished products to small wires. Compared with similar systems, the new argon flow management system in the spark table can reduce and extend the spark table cleaning interval. In addition, based on real-time wavelength calibration and fast connection, instrument restart is very efficient. All these features guarantee maximum instrument availability.
In addition to innovative hardware technology, the largest metal database on the market for fast and easy identification of grades has been installed on FM EXPERT. Hitachi's GRADE Database database provides more than 339,000 metal materials from 69 countries and standards. More than 12 million records. Users can update the instrument's brand database with just a few clicks, without the need for time-consuming research specifications and brand catalogues.
Wilhelm Sanders, Business Development Manager, Hitachi Analytical Instruments, said: 'With FM EXPERT, Hitachi offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Now we can meet the needs of low-level nitrogen analysis, which was previously only possible with high-end direct reading spectrometers.