Audi's sales in Europe fell by 56% in September | 13% increase in China

According to the European Automotive News reported on October 9, due to the introduction of the global unified light vehicle testing program, Audi suffered a supply bottleneck in the European market, its sales in the region in September fell 56% year-on-year. This decline also directly led to Audi's global sales for the month fell 22%.

Among them, Audi's German market sales fell by 69%, which was the biggest impact. In addition, the UK market sales fell by 53%, France and Italy and other European markets fell by 53% and 52%, respectively, Spain fell by 60%. Compared with the sharp decline in the European market, Audi's delivery in the Chinese market increased by 13%, and sales in North America increased by 1.2%.

'In the past two months, due to the slowdown in stocks, supply slowdowns and sales mix restrictions, Europe's sales performance is above average, which has a negative impact on September deliveries. 'Audi released in its The company statement explained.

In addition, the global unified light vehicle test program (WLTP) has also severely hit other automakers. The Volkswagen Group said that the best-selling versions of all Volkswagen models currently comply with the WLTP rules, which has somewhat eased the current sales market. Delivery bottleneck problem.