Can peach gum lose weight? How do you eat it?

Can peach gum lose weight?

Peach gum has a certain weight loss effect, but it can be achieved by long-term adherence to eating. If it is combined with diet, exercise and lifestyle, the effect of peach gum will be more rapid.

Peach gum itself is a low-calorie food. Each 100 grams of peach gum contains about 175 calories, which is a low-cholesterol, low-saturated fatty acid food. Secondly, peach gum contains a lot of cellulose, which is good for food digestion. It can promote intestinal peristalsis, and has the effect of laxative, which can reduce the accumulation of food residue in the body. In addition, peach gum can enhance satiety, thereby reducing energy intake and achieving weight control. First, peach gum is It is a low-calorie food, so this is something that we can all take with confidence. At the same time, peach gum is actually a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. Therefore, it can help our body to nourish the body. Because there is a lot of cellulose in the peach gum, so we choose to eat is very good, especially to help us promote the health of the stomach, so it can play a role in weight loss, you can take it. .

Peach gum can be blended with other foods to achieve better results and slimming effects, such as honey, saponin, papaya, snow lotus seeds, white fungus, Sydney, purple potato, mango, American ginseng, etc., to make a variety of peach gum Slimming food. In addition, for some people who lack water, it seems that there is a lack of water and thirst in a certain stage or a long period of time. This is the manifestation of problems in the body's excretion of body fluids. Gum can balance the excretion of body fluids, and it has the effect of thirst.

How to eat peach gum

Peach Glutinous Rice Stewed Sydney

Ingredients: 40 grams of peach gum, 40 grams of glutinous rice, two Sydney, clear water, crystal sugar.


1, peach gum softened one night in advance, wash away impurities.

2, glutinous rice soak for 2 hours.

3, cleaned peach and glutinous rice plus the right amount of water all into the electric cooker.

4, slow fire for two hours.

5, Sydney washed and peeled, dig the bottom.

6, put in an electric cooker and cook for another hour, put the right amount of rock sugar in the last ten minutes.

Peach gum stewed fresh lotus

2. Ingredients: appropriate amount of lotus seeds, moderate amount of peach gum, proper amount of rock sugar, a little milk, apricot (juice).


1. Put the peach gum in a bowl and pour it into water for one night;

2, put peach and lotus seeds in the pot, stew for 2 hours;

3, add rock sugar, or add condensed milk, honey can be seasoned.

Precautions for eating peach gum

Peach gum can not be overdose

We all know that peach gum is a very nutritious food. We often eat well to promote our health, but we should also pay attention when eating. It is necessary for us to take the right amount. Normal eating It is enough to eat once every 3-4 days, about 6 capsules each time. It is easy to get angry when eating more. The peach gum itself is a natural substance, and it is not toxic, but if we eat too much, Then it is easy to cause physical health, especially if it causes diarrhea, you need to be careful to avoid it.

Pregnant women can't eat peach gum

Although peach gum is very nutritious, we often go to eat peach gum can promote our human health, but we need to be careful when eating, pregnant women are not suitable for eating, although the nutritional value of pregnant women It is very good, but after the pregnant woman eats, it is easy to cause the body to be affected, especially the development of the fetus is blocked, so we need to avoid eating food.

Can not eat peach gum during menstruation

We all know that peach gum is a very good kind of food, especially for many female friends, they all like to eat, especially to help us play a role in beauty and beauty, but also very good It protects the skin from health, but it is not suitable for menstruating women. Peach gum has the effect of promoting blood circulation, so we are not suitable for taking peach gum during menstruation.