Does weight loss affect normal physiological functions? What are the precautions?

Will slimming stickers affect menstruation?

Some people do affect menstruation after applying slimming stickers. There may be delays in menstruation, less menstruation, etc. However, depending on the physical fitness of each person, the response to slimming stickers may vary, but menstrual When you can't use slimming stickers.

Weight loss stickers will not affect menstruation, this is what you need to be based on weight loss stickers, generally weight loss, medicine or weight loss patches, it is best to use less, so as not to affect menstruation, usually only need to pay attention to relaxation, if If you are in a bad mood, or if you are under too much pressure, it will also affect menstruation. If you want to lose weight, it is best to eat less and eat more, exercise moderately, and take part in some physical exercise.

The navel paste of Chinese medicine can activate the activity of lipase, which can further accelerate the decomposition of fat in the body and excrete it with the metabolism of the body. It can also inhibit the conversion of energy, which can reduce the conversion of glucose into fat in the body, making it large. Most of the glucose is converted into energy for the body, and it also reduces the body's need for greasy food, making people's taste light, but does not affect the normal diet.

Slimming stickers have no side effects

1, it is easy to rebound

Although the navel sticker helps women to clear the meridians by using some Chinese medicine ingredients, many consumers say that the effect is not very obvious after use, and there will be a rebound effect after losing weight, so using the navel sticker can be described as a loss. The wife lost her weight and spent money. It didn't work. It was not worth the loss.

2, allergic reactions

The medicine in the navel paste enters the human circulation through the navel, stimulates the stomach by massaging the acupuncture points of the navel, and promotes the metabolism of the human body to achieve the purpose of weight loss, but not all people apply, therefore, in the course of use, the human body is often felt Discomfort and some allergies, in addition, some patients with poor stomach, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, etc., is prohibited to use the navel stick to lose weight.

3, toxic side effects

The navel sticker is made of traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss, and most of the weight loss products on the market nowadays are not mature yet, and have not been tested and certified by the state. Therefore, there are many unknown side effects that threaten the health and safety of the human body. It is very difficult to make an accidental claim. Therefore, the weight loss of the navel stick is unreliable and is also associated with a life-threatening risk, so don't think about using drugs to achieve weight loss, but through a healthy diet, regular Exercise, healthy living habits, etc. to have a healthy beauty.

Precautions for using slimming stickers

1, directly attached to the navel, before the paste is best to use a warm towel to heat it, more conducive to absorption (if the belly is fat, navel depression, you can tear the medicine directly and magnet with the navel inside the plug);

2, those who are allergic to the tape, can apply a layer of body lotion around the navel before use, and then paste the basic problem to solve allergies.

3, this product 40 stickers for a course of treatment, 1 post per day, menstrual period is banned, can not eat seafood, drinking, carbonated drinks, coffee, etc. with high fat

4, it is recommended to apply at night, usually for about 8 hours, because at night, female estrogen secretion is more important, is also an important period of accelerated body fat synthesis, and the body's toxins are basically formed at night, stay, night stickers can effectively stop And inhibit the synthesis of fat, accelerate the decomposition and discharge of fat, accelerate the discharge of toxins in the body, improve constipation (because constipation will not only cause obesity, but also easily lead to accumulation of toxins in the body, produce spots, acne, etc.), so that it can easily lose weight during sleep. Slimming.

5, In fact, the method of weight loss navel stickers is not particularly complicated, but if you want to achieve the desired results when actually posting it, then you must follow the requirements and paste it at the right time. In this way, it can be guaranteed that the final weight loss effect is ideal.