For our Country's food safety supervision work will achieve better results, the relevant departments of the law enforcement efforts should be strengthened, and effectively eliminate the residents of

With the continuous application of new technologies and methods of modern food industry, coupled with the current economic globalization and the growing international food trade, endanger our human health, and even endanger the life of food safety incidents occur frequently, seriously affected the economic development and social Stability.

therefore, The problem of food safety has become a major concern of governments and consumers around the WORLD. In order to change the above situation, it is necessary to improve food pesticide residue detection ability and to do a good job of food pesticide residue Detection.

Food pesticide residue testing work is ensured, in favor of avoiding unsafe food accidents, allowing consumers to spend at ease, while promoting more consumption at home, driving the good economic development.

Relevant policy standards are becoming more stringent With the rise of various kinds of detection means, the renewal of new standards of pesticide residue not only directly determines the quality safety control of agricultural products enterprises, but also indirectly affects the detection of pesticide Residue. Instrument Vendor's Policy Adjustment.

And the new revision of agricultural residues, will inevitably cause the focus of the detection equipment industry Attention. It is understood that the "food safety national standard food pesticide maximum residue limit" (GB 2763-2016) was implemented on June 18, 2017, The limited edition of 48 pesticides in the tea limit requirements, The addition of 20 pesticide residue limit.

The Ministry of Agriculture's announcement No. 2445 expressly prohibits the sale and use of triclosan-mite alcohol from October 1, 2018 Onwards.

Pesticide residue detection technology is becoming more and more important Pesticide residue detection is an essential part of food Safety. At present, the international use of solid-phase extraction technology (spe), Microwave Extraction technology, gel chromatography (GPC), accelerated solvent extraction (ASE), supercritical extraction (SFE), solid-phase micro-extraction technology.

At present, the main use of traditional solvent extraction, liquid-liquid distribution, column chromatography purification, pre-treatment method of low degree of automation, extraction and purification efficiency is not high, slow, serious environmental Pollution. With the continuous study of pesticide residue, pesticide residue detection method is becoming more and more perfect, and it is developing to simple, fast, sensitive, multi-residue, low-cost, easy to Popularize.

Pesticide residue will not only affect the Consumer's food safety, but also affect the trade of agricultural products, in fact, the World's pesticide residues are highly valued, the pesticide residues in various agricultural and sideline products are increasingly stringent regulations, so that China's agricultural exports face a serious challenge.

Agricultural residue instrument market demand continues to rise At present, with the full development of pesticide residue testing work, pesticide residue detector and other related Instrument and equipment Market demand is bound to rise.

At present, the Immunoassay Assay Kit can be used for on-site samples and rapid detection of a large number of samples, today has been successfully developed more than 100 kinds of agricultural drug testing kits, including the common pesticide residue monitoring kit also has nearly 30 kinds. The food safety crisis caused by a large amount of pesticide residues has aroused great concern all over the world, in international trade, the relevant international standards of food safety are constantly improving. To better meet the needs of monitoring, equipment precision, sensitivity, Stability must reside in the forefront of similar products.

therefore, the relevant instrument enterprises must be in the quality of the product to strengthen the control, and strive to detect the pesticide residue in the ' big cake ' share.

The prospect of pesticide residue detection is clear china, as the World's largest developing country, has a large population, and the situation of food security is quite different from that in developed countries. however, with the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology in china, with the superiority of the socialist system, further perfecting the legal construction of food safety management in our country, establishing the food Quality safety standard system in line with international standards, improving the means and techniques of food quality and safety testing, enhancing the propaganda and education of food safety,

At the same time enhance the whole Society's food Safety awareness, strengthen the supervision and management of food Safety. Only in the complete system support, will be professional, full-time personnel and high standards of equipment to combine to make pesticide residue detection work more orderly, effective Development.

According to the planning of pesticide residue monitoring system in our country at present, we should establish and perfect the limit standard of pesticide residue of agricultural products as soon as possible, in order to enlarge the opening-up, enhance the competitiveness of agricultural products in the international market and promote the healthy development of agricultural product import and export Trade. At present, China's agricultural residue testing more and more attention, the demand for equipment is also growing, pesticide residue testing equipment manufacturers should seize the opportunity, rapid development, with the relevant departments to carry out work, for food safety in the field contribute a force.