Paint companies can be so beautiful? Three trees new value to subvert your imagination

As the first to propose the concept of 'healthy lacquer', Sanshu has called for a return to the heart. The paint company close to nature has integrated the ecological strategy into the park's planning and construction. Back to the Jiuhuashan, facing the 10,000-acre lychee forest, three natural water systems蜿蜒 Intersection, three leaf-shaped buildings consisting of office centers, business schools, national enterprise technology centers, and 24 scenic spots, natural lakes, centenary lychee trees.

All things are good neighbors, and life is endless. Three trees are committed to striving for the most beautiful enterprises. The park is surrounded by mountains and waters, and the grass is like grass. The voices, birds, and sounds of the people are combined, and the national green factory is praised. It is a 'drunken beauty enterprise'. It attracts nearly 50,000 people every year to visit and exchange, including many international and domestic famous entrepreneurs and professional managers.

Resources will always be exhausted, and only culture will continue to live. 'Three trees' stands for health, nature, and green. It explains the natural way of corporate law, the concept of ecological harmony between man and nature, and the concept of symbiosis and shared prosperity. , hard work, forever, and dedication to the evolutionary concept of growth.

The headquarters office center is equipped with multi-functional conference rooms and 15 conference rooms and training rooms of various sizes, which realizes full coverage of wireless networks, adopts the world's leading SAP system, standardized management, and informationized office.

Three tree decoration paint stores are the perfect combination of art and practicality in space layout, product combination, regional division, or customer service and experience. We are leading the industry trend and subverting the industry's paint stores. Traditional face.

The Three Tree Museum carries the dreams and feelings of three trees from nothing. It shows three trees on the ground, no fear of wind and rain, and a three-tree miracle created by the original heart. Here is the beginning of the three trees dream. Will also lead the three trees to establish the world, green and the world.

△ Turning the mood of the mountain, coincides with the thought of the three trees respecting the heavenly lover

User-centered, win-win with partners, and share with the strugglers. Three trees continue to integrate global resources and face the world with a more open attitude. We not only sell products and services to the world, but also the Tao. Culture is passed to the world, achieving billions of goals, hundreds of billions of dreams.