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When asked: When there are a lot of (slight) scratches on the body, what we should do is to polish and wax. Polishing is the most common operation in car beauty. Generally, if the car is polished, at least Half-day time: First wash the whole car, then use 3M polished fine sand to polish, then throw coarse wax, then fine wax and beauty wax, hand wax, and finally car wash. Today we will talk about car paint An advanced history of beauty care.

First generation waxing

Grinding the small scratches of the paint surface to achieve a bright cosmetic effect.

Car wax is divided into solid wax and liquid wax. Generally, solid wax is a grinding wax, and liquid wax is also called brightener or bright glaze. It only needs to apply a layer of wax on the body paint surface, and then evenly spread the gloss.

Advantages: Save money, easy to operate, you can do it yourself.

Disadvantages: Corrosive to the paint surface, and poor timeliness (usually the wax can be maintained for 1~2 weeks).

Second generation · sealing glaze

The anti-wear ability of the paint surface is enhanced by covering the surface of the car with a polymer polymer.

Compared with waxing, the glaze is slightly high-end. The glaze has a certain permeability and adhesion. The glaze is pressed into the interior of the paint by a special vibrating and polishing machine, so that the 'glaze' and the lacquer surface are fully permeable to form a layer of net. Protective film.

Advantages: Longer shelf life (generally maintained for 1 to 3 months), improved paint surface hardness, better resistance to high temperature and UV resistance.

Disadvantages: The price is more expensive (a few hundred dollars), and must go to a professional store.

Third generation coating

The main components of 'film' are glass cellulose, silicon polymer, fluoropolymer, etc. During the construction, the coating polymer is evenly sprayed on the car paint using a spray gun, and the film layer is still painted on the basis of tight bonding. A protective film is formed on the surface to better protect the paint surface.

Advantages: The general effectiveness is about 1 year, easy to clean, the hardness of the paint surface can be increased by 3 times.

Disadvantages: Long construction time (3~4h), high cost.

Fourth generation · plating

'Crystal' is a material obtained by grinding glass-like atoms and molecular grinding below 100 nm. Because it is a nano-scale structure, the molecular structure is much smaller than N times of the paint hole, so it is easy to penetrate into the paint stomata, in the paint A radiant protective crystal is formed on the surface to enhance the hardness and brightness of the paint surface, to achieve the special effect of UV protection and scrub resistance, and to protect the paint paint more effectively!

Advantages: Scratch resistant, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, the longest maintenance time (about 2 years) compared to the previous three generations, the best protection effect.

Disadvantages: high price (three thousand up), complex process and high requirements (consuming 5~7h).

The fifth generation · invisible car clothing

Invisible clothing is called car paint protective film, English full name PaintProtectiveFilm. Abbreviation is PPF, also known as automotive transparent film protective film, commonly known as rhino skin.

Common brands are: ClearPlex; UPPF; XPEL; 3M; Madik; Carles; Avery et al.

Compared with the previous four generations, the invisible car coat is a colorless transparent high-brightness protective film on the surface of the car paint, instead of covering the car paint surface or infiltrating the car paint through molecular things to achieve the purpose of protecting the car paint. Invisible clothing can completely isolate acid rain, sand, bird droppings, ultraviolet rays and other continuous damage to the paint surface; at the same time its high wear resistance against mild scratches, rubbing and durable wear, can provide more comprehensive protection .

The material of the early invisible garment is PVC, which is designed to protect the paint by hardness. The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer) is generally used for toughness. The TPU particles are calendered, injection molded, cast, blown, coated. Covered by a special process to form a film, plus a surface coating and a glue layer, after being stretched and shaped, it is adhered to the surface of the paint by a transparent film, physically insulating the outside air, not damaging the original paint, and permanently protecting the original Factory paint surface.

Advantages: The maintenance time is generally about 5 years; the wear resistance is very good; the super tensile strength; the transparency is good; the stone strike.

Disadvantages: Expensive (several thousands to tens of thousands), long process time (generally 2~3 days); generally no flame retardant (should be away from fire); poorly bonded film will be on the side of the car Paint causes damage.

After reading the history of car paint maintenance and beauty, what generation do you prefer?

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