Can the supine board help girls lose weight and practice abdominal muscles?

Can I practice my abdominal muscles on my supine board?

The supine board can train the abdominal muscles and has a very good exercise effect.

The supine board is a professional training device for sit-ups, which can provide good exercise effect and good protection for the athletes. The supine board is designed for abdominal training, allowing the user to use the correct way. Exercise and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

The supine board can make the lower abdomen flat. As long as it lasts for 15 minutes every day, the continuous use will make the abdomen show obvious changes, and the supine board can carry out other sports, not just the sit-up exercise, the supine board can carry out more Angle adjustment, exercise different abdominal muscles, so the role of this board is really not small.

How long does it take to lift the abdominal muscles on the supine board?

Although exercising on the abdominal muscles is more exercised to the abdominal muscles, but to exercise the abdominal muscles, depending on the intensity of exercise and the physical quality, it usually takes at least 3 months to see the contours of the abdominal muscles; and if the abdomen itself If you have more meat, you need to subtract more fat. The time will take longer. It may take 6 months to see the effect.

Method of practicing abdominal muscles on a supine board


Place your hand on the ear, the head does not need to lean on the supine board, the foot is hooked on the bar, the body is lying back to the back, using the abdomen strength to sit up to 90 degrees.

Points to note: When lifting, the movement should be fast, the knee joint should not be flexed; when the body is down, the movement should be slow, and it is best to pause for about 5-10 seconds when the lower half is down.

Roll belly

The foot can be placed above the foam cotton, 90 degrees to the ground, then the body reclines, the head does not need to lean on the supine board, the hand is placed at the ear, slowly, and tighten the abdomen and pause a little. Then slowly lower the body to the original position. When the back is attached to the supine board, you can take the next cycle.

Points to note: It is best not to leave the supine board at the waist, to exhale when you get up, and to inhale when you go down.

Supine leg

Lying on the supine board, grasp the upper end of the cotton sleeve with both hands, and straighten the legs up to the hips. Repeat the action.

Points to note: The process of lifting and lowering the legs is as slow as possible. It is difficult to straighten the legs, and you can bend your knees according to your own ability. Do not touch the supine board during the process of lowering the legs.