In fact, it is not only training abs, but the core strength of the whole is very strong training, through a simple flat-plate support can be abdominal muscles, lumbar muscles, pelvic muscles and other

Flat-plate support over 10 seconds meaningless is that true?

Flat plate is a very common way of fitness, because it is simple and convenient do not need props, so called many people's choice of sports, But recently there are experts say that the tablet support every 10 seconds is the best, more than there is no meaning. According to the Daily Telegraph of the United kingdom, fitness experts say tablet support strengthens core muscle mass, exercises back muscles and arm muscles, and improves endurance.

Stewart Maggill, an honorary professor of spine biometrics at the University of Waterloo in Canada, said it would be more beneficial for fitness freaks to shorten the single duration of tablet support and increase frequency. According to the report, Stewart proposed that the ideal arrangement is three times for a group, each holding 10 seconds. He also said that it was not helpful to suggest that people continue to stick to a few minutes of Flat-panel Support. He said: ' There is no use for such a movement other than claiming a Record. basically, for the average person, do a lot of Flat-panel support, 10 seconds each time is the Best.


How long does the tablet support to do each day

Tablet support is enough to do about two minutes a day. Because Flat-plate support is not an aerobic exercise, but a static resistance movement, it is not necessary to follow aerobic exercise must exercise more than half an hour to play an effective rule. thus, as a non-pursuit of world records, only want to train the core strength of ordinary people, daily exercise for 2 minutes or so Enough.

In other words, you do, just let yourself more tired, you want to achieve the fitness effect has been, there is no need to do it again. Once the tablet support record holder, Danish fitness coach Tom Hoel said, training himself to participate in the tablet record, just pure psychological discipline, in the class for their students, he will not let them do more than 3 minutes of Flat-panel Support.

Because if you are a person who has not yet been able to complete a continuous 2-minute tablet support-hurriedly 30 seconds a day, 10 seconds an increase, quickly, you can in the safest way to lay the core Foundation. In fact, if from the perspective of weight loss, Flat-panel support is not necessary to pursue the length of Time. Because the main role of the tablet support is to exercise muscle and shape the body, its weight loss effect is not good.

Flat-plate support Action is single, but also belongs to the static resistance movement, it does not have the characteristics of reducing fat, in the weight of the major limitations, so the elderly and obese people are not suitable for this sport.

Can a flat plate support thin belly?

In fact, flat support thin belly effect is not big. In fact, the effect of flat-plate support on belly loss may not be satisfactory! flat support won't let your fat disappear.

You know, the real burning of fat is aerobic exercise! and the flat support does not belong to the aerobic movement! when the person carries on the long-time question endurance movement, the body sugar provides the heat far cannot satisfy the need, through increases the oxygen supply, the body fat undergoes the oxidation decomposition, produces the heat energy for the human body to Use. Because abdominal muscles are not like pectoral muscles, back muscles, and more are composed of endurance muscles, so training abs without much weight, but the need for long-time training, such as flat-plate support in this form, is the best way to train abs.

In fact, it is not only training abs, but the core strength of the whole is very strong training, through a simple flat-plate support can be abdominal muscles, lumbar muscles, pelvic muscles and other core areas of strength to be very effective training. Where does flat support help people lean?