Running backwards to lose weight?

The benefits of running backwards

The advantage of running backwards is to improve muscle balance and physical fitness, effectively prevent hunchback, eliminate exercise fatigue, and lose weight.

Muscle balance

Running backwards can strengthen the muscle groups that are not used in normal running styles, and can improve the activation of muscle groups behind the body, such as gluteal muscles, calves, and back of the thigh. Improve muscle imbalance, increase exercise performance and reduce injuries risks of.

Improve physical fitness

At the same speed, running backwards costs 30% more energy than running forward. One study found that a group of young women replaced their original six-week sports with backwards/backward training. In the end, the body fat was reduced by about 2.5%. In addition, their physical fitness was tested in the normal way of running. The results also showed that their maximum oxygen uptake (VO2Max) also increased significantly.

Effective prevention of hunchback

Running backwards is not like normal running, but the center of gravity is moving forward, but the center of gravity of the body is moving backwards. The center of gravity is the most important factor in the posture of the human body. When the back is running, the center of gravity moves toward the heel, the spine tends to straighten, the body leans forward and The curvature of the lumbar vertebra is reduced, which can correct the bad posture such as the body hunchback.

Eliminate exercise fatigue

Running backwards can also alleviate the fatigue of the hip muscles in the quadriceps. After a long run, the fatigue of the hip muscles can cause disgusting emotions. Running backwards can relax the hip muscles. , let people eliminate fatigue in sports.

Have weight loss

Because the running part needs to be mobilized more, the muscles are relatively tight, and the same speed, running backwards is 30% more energy than running forward, often running backwards can play a role in weight loss.

The downside of running backwards

Prone to accidents

Because running backwards, vision can't always look at the direction of advancement, can't avoid obstacles on the road in time, and it is easy to fall accidents.

May appear dizzy

When you run backwards, you can prevent the obstacles behind you from turning your head or twisting. When the neck turns, it is easy to cause the carotid artery to be compressed, the lumen is narrowed, the blood flow is reduced, and the blood supply to the brain is reduced, and the oxygen is weak. Dizziness.

Precautions for running backwards

1, doing warm-up exercises before running backwards, running backwards also a reverse-sequence exercise, need to work harder to mobilize all parts of the body to participate, the difficulty is relatively greater. This means that the warm-up exercise before the run is very Important. Move the various parts of the body and joints before exercise to avoid sports injuries and allow the muscle joints to participate in sports in a better state. Do some body stretching, active knee joints, ankle joints, kick kicks or pressure For legs and other movements, the time is best kept at about 10 minutes.

2, choose a safe venue, because the most important thing is to see the road behind the body, the lack of hindsight. So when choosing a sports venue, it is best to choose to work in a flat grass or park, pay attention to stay away from the vehicle. And crowded places. Avoid running on more roads such as pits, markers, cars, etc.

3, the distance of the reverse running section should not exceed 100 meters. It is better to choose a straight road for the reverse running section. The line of sight is not blocked. The straight line distance is controlled at 50-100 meters, and the running backwards and backwards. This can avoid accidents. .

4, Reverse running should be gradual, you can't start running backwards and ask yourself to run very far away at a very fast speed. Any movement needs to be gradual, from the beginning to the less, from slow to fast. Need to master the scale suitable for the back-running exercise, long-term perseverance to achieve the goal.

5, you can practice backwards first, those who want to run backwards, you can choose to carry out the backwards, and then go back and practice on the basis of the proficiency of the backwards, you can master the reverse running faster.