But in order to slim the body and the effect of weight loss, can not eat in the rest of today, to ensure that the normal diet meal and rest time to prevent weight rebound, affect weight loss Effect. H

Girls first to lose fat or to increase the muscle first

Girls are advised to reduce fat before doing muscle training, which helps shape body lines.

It is recommended to first reduce the fat, there are three kinds of cases:

The first type: the current body fat rate is very high (male 30% or so, female 35% or So)

The second kind: only want to lose the fat, does not pursue to the muscle Line.

The Third: women, because of their own muscle volume is less, so even if you want to shape the lines, there is no strict ' increase of the muscle period '.

It is recommended to increase the muscle first:

Very simple, is the body fat rate moderate person (male in 20% or so). Small series is not recommended to blindly reduce fat, a lot of people mistakenly think their muscles enough, as long as the thin down there are beautiful lines, reduced after the discovery, just thin into the noodles, there is no want of the Body. Any kind of handsome sportsman, the amount of muscle is very high.

moreover, when the body muscle is too low, the metabolic level will be very low, fat reduction will become difficult; a muscular person who does any action consumes more than a person with less muscle Mass.

Fitness Program for Girls

Fight--fast and effective weight loss Founded by a black fighter World champion, Kickboxing mixes boxing, karate, taekwondo and some dance moves, requiring the practitioner to punch and kick with the MUSIC.

Fight drill requires a perfect combination of speed and strength, can consume a lot of heat, do one hour of combat can consume 600 calories, strengthen the waist and abdominal muscle strength, continuous exercise for 3 months can give the practitioner a good endurance.

Yoga--the Soft Body language Yoga can be used to prevent and treat many Diseases. Practicing yoga allows the body to remain stationary for a period of time in a certain posture, thus achieving unity of mind and Body.

Practice yoga can balance the endocrine, the Body's limbs are balanced development, even if the sleep time is not very long, but also to maintain good physical strength.

Latin dance--create the perfect waist and hips Latin Dance can fully release the mood, reduce stress, improve body flexibility, strengthen cardiopulmonary Function.

The body state of the Latin dance: the upper body, especially the shoulders should be motionless, is the embodiment of the white culture of Latin dance; the middle part, including the waist and crotch, should be twisted to reveal the lively and outward character of African culture, while some of the dance movements of the lower torso, legs and feet absorb the Indian culture.

Pedal exercise--the enjoyment of the upper and lower rhythm Pedal operation is a kind of aerobic aerobics, which requires the practitioner to carry out long, moderate and low-intensity exercises in sufficient oxygen supply condition.

Because of the height of the pedal itself, coupled with the intensity of the exercise, the same action to complete the energy consumed more than in the flat, so that the legs more solid, more beautiful muscle lines, can effectively solve the problem of sagging hips.

Fitness Program for Girls

First day: exercise chest muscles Arrangement: today, We are going to exercise for the chest muscles, the key is to practice Dumbbells.

And the dumbbell has more than one group of action, now we want to do plate barbell push-lying, Diagonal Dumbbell push, Flat dumbbell Flying 4 groups, each group carried 20.

The amount of exercise is not suitable for too many, 3 actions persist to do, can let the chest muscle become firm, let female breast also have line.

Day two: exercise your back muscles Many girls have wide shoulders and are not very good at wearing Clothes. There was too much meat on the back, and it was almost hunky.

so, back weight loss is also very critical.

Arrangement: the first is to stoop to the Barbell rowing Movement 20 consecutive, and carried out 5 groups, followed by the Single-arm dumbbell Rowing 4 groups, each group of 20; again is the straight arm under the pressure of 3 groups, each group of 20.

Day three: exercise your shoulder muscles

Want small dew fragrant shoulder, must have attractive and slender shoulder, otherwise shoulder width like a boy, this is not beautiful!

Arrangement: leaned over the bird, barbell neck up front, Single-arm dumbbell before the flat lifting each do 4 groups, each group carried 20.

Day Fourth: exercise arm muscles

This is the exercise arm of the gym weight loss plan, Kirin arm, butterfly sleeves and other girls are prone to local obesity problems.

Arrangement: find the appropriate dumbbell, and alternately bend 20, carry out 4 times, hands crossed in the head, slowly to the neck, the neck stop, the elbow to the maximum ability to face the ceiling, continuous 10 times, 5 seconds each Time.

Day Fifth: exercise Leg muscles

Elephant legs, small legs, radish legs are women on the fat leg of the description, do not want to be ranked among them, then hurry up!

Arrangement: free Deep squat, squat Stand up 50 times, period rest 1 minutes, continuous 3 groups; frog jumps 35, carries on 2 times.

Day Sixth: Exercise Your waist

Small belly, is the most troublesome part of women, especially in the office of women, are fast becoming the belly of the woman!

Arrangement: Sitting Equipment Rowing 20, carry out 3 groups, the upper inclined supine stand 30, do 2 group, roll side belly 2 group, and exhausted; side kick dumbbell body side bent 20, Continuous 3 groups.

Day Seventh: take a day off! As the muscles are in a tense state after the first 6 days of exercise, relax at home today.

But in order to slim the body and the effect of weight loss, can not eat in the rest of today, to ensure that the normal diet meal and rest time to prevent weight rebound, affect weight loss Effect. How are girls ' fitness programs designed?