546 yuan! Google launched the official wireless charger: the price is 8 times that of millet

This morning, Google officially released the Pixel 3 series of mobile phones, including Google Chrome Pixel Slate two-in-one tablet and other Google hardware products, of which Pixel 3 series mobile phones support wireless charging for the first time, for this purpose, Google also launched the official wireless charger - Google Pixel Stand.

As its name suggests, the Google Pixel Stand is a wireless charger. Support Qi wireless charging standard Whether you put your phone horizontally or put your phone upright, Can get up to 10W wireless fast charging power In addition, it also comes with a fairly long Type-C power cord.

It is worth mentioning that when the Pixel 3 series is placed on the Google Pixel Stand, the phone screen will have a separate UI picture, the font size is larger, and the viewing is clearer in the distance. The user can use the voice to operate the phone. The screen of the Pixel 3 series will gradually light up and be more gentle. When the phone is idle, the best picture slideshow in the album will be automatically displayed on the screen.

However, it is not known whether these settings are exclusive to Google Pixel Stand.

Google Pixel Stand can now be booked at the Google Store for $79, or about $546, which is expensive and more expensive than third-party wireless charging pads sold in Apple stores. (General Fast Charge Edition) only costs 69 yuan.

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