Panasonic Alpha washing machine with internal and external repair of high quality, to help consumers to upgrade the Chinese consumer better Life. Panasonic Alpha Alpha washing machine definition quali

"mountain bamboo" Typhoon Just past, a consumption upgrade trend has swept China. recently, the government issued a "on the improvement of the consumption system mechanism to further stimulate the consumption potential of residents," a number of views. Among them, it is pointed out that we should conform to the trend of residents ' consumption upgrade to meet people's expectations of a better life.

It can be said that consumer quality, high-end, personalized, Healthy demand-led consumption upgrade is in full swing. Panasonic Alpha Washing Machine is born in the way, with minimalist process design aesthetics and industry-leading health technology to meet consumer scenarios, health, Intelligent experience requirements for consumers to create more convenient, quality of the new experience of Laundry.

It is reported that Panasonic Alpha washing machine Once released, it has been recognized and sought after by consumers, washing machine industry has become a product of the Explosion.

high-end, quality experience more favored by consumers Consumers are increasingly picky about product tastes, quality, durability, and appearance, as the trend towards consumer upgrades becomes increasingly apparent. According to a professional agency survey, the first half of 2018, washing machine market sales of 34.7 billion yuan, an increase of 10.5%, high-end, personalized, Intelligent Products more favored by consumers, which indicates that high-end washing machine will have a broad market space.

For the Century brand panasonic, it is also a great Opportunity. Panasonic teamed up with Porsche Design to inject the art aesthetics gene into the washing machine with the Bauhaus minimalism, creating the high-end life Aesthetics Leader--panasonic Alpha Alpha washing Machine. It breaks the traditional washing machine cumbersome and complicated shackles, stainless steel and glass to replace plastic material, high-grade stainless steel, so that the washing machine has unprecedented strength, structural stability, ithas; The use of float glass machine doors and windows, crystal clear crystal, sound insulation effect and due to the unique material, durability is high, and in order to match the stainless steel body

, the use of ultra-thin plastic gold integrated roof, to achieve a high degree of minimalist aesthetics and excellent performance balance, to bring consumers a new visual experience of the beauty of high-end Technology. At the same time, in order to achieve superior performance, the Panasonic Alpha Alpha washing machine hub-type inner cylinder, automatic ' breathing ' machine door, five-point suspension suspension system and other design inspiration from the advanced sports car. Strong structure of the hub-type inner cylinder, matching the 1600rpm industry ultra-high speed, to achieve excellent washing performance; automatic ' breathing ' machine door pioneering use of advanced sports car skylight principle, more conducive to dry in the tube, care of washed clothes; five-point support with CBB ball centrifugal balance wheel, Metal Balance block, effective filter vibration,

Maintain a smooth and quiet, for consumers to bring the ultimate laundry experience.

green, healthy function as standard for living With the rise of People's awareness of health, the demand for laundry is not limited to washing, but also to the removal of bacteria in addition to odor and other deep cleansing in the direction of Development.

At present, the market has a sterile product can not damage the clothing has the premise of effective killing Fungi. Panasonic Alpha NANOETMX washing machine equipped with nano-water ion technology, ag+, 95°c high-temperature aseptic dual-removal technology, double-pole technology, to meet the new era of health needs, for consumers to bring new bacteria to remove the mite new experience. It is noteworthy that the Nano-water ions released by Nanoetmx nano-water ions can penetrate deep into the fabric, and the rate of removal of bacteria is more than 99%, meanwhile, it can eliminate the hot pot taste, lampblack taste and so On.

These Panasonic health technology for the low-immunity of the elderly, children build a layer of health protection wall, always protect their physical health. In addition to this, Panasonic Alpha-alpha washing machine is equipped with the Internet of things technology, the development of intelligent control system, detergent Intelligent Delivery system, so that consumers more convenient to enjoy the quality of life.

In order to create the green consumption experience, its Econavi energy-saving navigation technology According to the clothing material automatic detection, in fully protect the washing effect of the situation, realize water saving and electricity saving. In the era of consumer upgrading, the Panasonic Alpha-alpha washing machine is the ultimate innovation for consumers to create scientific and technological health, minimalist art, efficient cleaning, smart comfort and other Experiences. As Panasonic's new 100-year vision, It contributes to a better life.