' Man bathing with electric water heater killed | Expert: do not heat the side of the washing

Just past the national day holiday, a 54-year-old man who rented a Liwan District street in the house was found dead when he was bathing in the room, the police said in their death report that he died because of the ' electric shock ', and his family members are now looking for a lawyer to sue the wrong party and claim Compensation.

Report of the police on death appraisal

The Deceased's relatives, Ms. Lui told the matter, on October 2, The phone calls were not answered, and then report to the police, from the police sent to Liwan District on Yuen Street Rental housing to view, and eventually found in the bathroom fell dead and there are signs of leakage. Ms. Lui's live photographs showed a marked black burn on the wrist of the deceased and a messy wiring in the BATHROOM.

She also told reporters in the south, after the initial inspection of the family, there is no leakage protection device in the rental housing, police in the scene to carry the body of the deceased must first cut off the switch in the rental house to dare to do.

Baa matter visited the scene found that the rental housing is located on the Yuen Street an old unit dormitory building, the internal living environment is poor, corridor inside the wire clutter, after the incident rental housing door has been affixed to the police seal on-site Protection.

Site Environment At present, Liwan District Police have been involved in the investigation, issued a death certificate to their families, and guide them to take legal channels to the fault side of the Recourse. Ms. Lui also said that the family would consult a legal person before deciding whether to sue the landlord or the manufacturer of the water heater for a claim.

She also said that in the past, every autumn and winter in guangzhou, water heater safety incidents, hope that the future government departments and the media can report a number of safe use needs to know, to avoid the recurrence of Tragedy. Guangdong Treasure Law firm lawyer Liao Jianxun said, the landlord in the external rental of housing, while the responsibility to ensure that home appliances in the house and housing facilities in a safe state, so the family can directly to the court to file a lawsuit, ask the landlord to take responsibility,

Commissioned by the court of qualified testing units for the use of electricity safety and water heater safety testing, and then according to the test results by the court decide whether to add water heater manufacturer as the Defendant.

The ' take a shower ' accident is endless

Common electric shock accident of bathing

Many come from electric water heaters February 21, 2016 night, on the eve of the lantern festival, Guangzhou Baiyun District Taihe Town A rental house, two women in Jiangxi province suspected of water-type water heater leakage and electric shock died.

At the time of the incident, a woman tenant suspected that a shower, after electric shock roommate another woman tried to rescue also was shocked to Death.

November 26, 2017 around 8:40 A.M., Shenzhen South Mt. District Hou Hai village in a rental house, a 55-year-old man in the bath accidentally electric shock, after rescue invalid Died.

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The relevant identification is carried OUT.

It turns out that ...

Identification record

First of all, electric water heaters are simply divided into water-storing electric water heaters and fast-heat electric water Heaters. Water storage type electric water heater: heat water and store water in the Container. Equipped with water temperature control device, when the set temperature is reached, the thermostat disconnects the heating pipe current and enters the insulation state.

Prior to use, you need to heat up before you can turn off the power switch and Shower. Fast-heat Electric Water Heater: also known as Hot-type Electric water heater. Engineers believe that the advantages of fast-heat water heaters are easy to install, small size.

But must be used while boiling water, the risk of leakage is relatively high.

Next comes the results of the experiment ↓

1, the kitchen hot water pot leakage, The bathroom you may also electric shock!

In the case of the total grounding is not good, even if the kitchen kettle leakage, may also cause the person in the bathroom shower electric shock!

2, Electric Water heater internal if leakage, shower faucet and water are dangerous! Electric water heater inside the heating element leakage, electricity will also be Conductive.

And the electric water heater outlet and shower, faucet metal parts all become live parts, such as no reliable grounding protection measures, immediately will electric shock!

3, Don't be lazy, water heater must regularly wash water

Storage water Heaters Use the longer, the water tank inside the dirt will be more and more (due to the water tank is not regularly cleaned and the magnesium rods are not timely replacement of corrosion and other reasons), then the water in the tank will be more conductive, the more dangerous when the accident!

4, back to the South days, water heaters more dangerous!

Electric water heater for a long time in humid environment after use, such as back to the South days, heat pipe insulation performance will decline, is likely to occur leakage.

5, no grounding device, leakage switch is useless! When the system grounding is good, the leakage protection switch will usually play a role in the timely disconnection of the power supply.

But if the grounding is not good ...

Many times, Though.

But it is still to be emphasized

Do not warm up while washing!

Experts remind: electric Water heater leakage is very dangerous accident, it is recommended in the use of the process, it is best to turn off the power, do not wash the side of heating!

Leakage Protector is not completely safe! Many users think that the installation of leakage protector, will be able to completely protect the bath safety, this idea is One-sided. According to the introduction, the use of water storage type electric water heater requires the user home grounding wire must be good, and many buildings in the domestic poor grounding, or even lack of, such as fitting the wrong line, line aging, private pull wire, using inferior switch socket, with water pipe when grounding wire, etc., are likely to lead to grounding wire, electric shock accident! experts

, the user should press the leakage Protector switch 2 to 3 times per month to see if the lamp above is Normal.

is the magnesium bar of the electric water heater changed regularly? In addition, the magnesium rods in the water-storing electric water heaters should be replaced regularly.

Water storage type electric water heater to slow down the thermonatrite, scale corrosion effect of magnesium rods once consumed, It is also easy to cause internal bile corrosion or heating pipe corrosion perforation, resulting in leakage Hazard. "combined with the high alkaline water quality in guangzhou, the general situation, consumers from the purchase, so that electric water heaters should be replaced about two years."

' Man bathing with electric water heater killed | Expert: do not heat the side of the washing