Taiwan recycling equipment manufacturers use environmental protection bills to find business opportunities

The tightening of plastic recycling and environmental protection policies in Taiwan and China is bringing new opportunities to Taiwan's remanufactured presses.

Last year, China launched the 'National Sword' campaign to ban the import of a variety of plastic waste. This year, Taiwan’s environmental protection authorities faced limited landfill space and announced that they will introduce the most stringent bill for disposable plastics. Peter Tsai, President of Changyi Machinery Co., Ltd. Representation: 'China's policy is beneficial to our market in other countries', the company produces feeders, shredders, extruders, washing machines, granulators and dryers, etc. Tsai is from August 15th to 19th The Taipei Plastics Exhibition was interviewed. Some customers of the company ordered a number of production lines to deal with waste plastics.

Taiwan's Polystar said it has achieved sales growth in Southeast Asia, as Vietnam and Indonesia have become new destinations for waste plastics originally exported to China.

Both companies have highlighted new technologies, a technology that reduces the need to adjust blades.

Generally speaking, the life of such a blade is one to two weeks, but Changyi said that its innovation can extend the service life. The company said that it has a design patent in Taiwan and a patent in the United States.

Polystar's design integrates blades and splitting motors. David Lo, the company's sales manager, said the advantage is that the shape of the recycled pellets remains consistent.

The company also offers pressure control, which is necessary for processing different types of plastics, as well as manual controls. Polystar is building a new plant with a total investment of $9 million and an area of ​​107,000 square feet. It is planned to move into new next February. The factory currently produces 80 recycling lines per year.

Polystar is an OEM of a Swedish company, but most of the equipment sold is owned by its own brand. The company has 50 employees, annual sales of 20 million US dollars, 90% of which is for export. Since 1988, the company has more than 100 Countries have sold more than 3,000 recycling machines.

Founded in 1992, Changyi in Taichung produces 30 to 40 recycling lines per year. Like many Taiwanese press manufacturers, the company is more willing to emphasize that its parts are mostly imported from abroad, including motors from Siemens, Germany, ABB, Switzerland. Transformers and metal detectors from well-known German companies.