Bullet SMS App suddenly got off the shelf, official response: Later on the shelves

Hammer Technology has previously launched a popular online real-time communication tool, bullet SMS, which has won the Apple App Store download list in less than a week. The popularity is quite high.

However, just yesterday, when some netizens wanted to experience a bullet message, they found that the software had not been searched from the Apple App Store. For this matter, the Bullet SMS official was also the first response.

Bullet SMS customer service responded on Weibo that the bullet SMS app is on the shelves for review. Please try again later. 'The Apple Store can't search for the problem of downloading bullet messages. Our staff is actively processing, please also re-send later. Search and download in the Apple Store, thank you for your support and attention to bullet SMS.

Currently, there is no information in the App Store for bullet-free SMS. The downloaded user prompts when downloading. This item is no longer available. The reason for this removal is not disclosed.

According to the statistics of the past two months, the number of activated users of bullet SMS has reached more than 7 million. The hot bullet SMS has also gained multi-party financing, with a view to the next step of development. However, the growth rate of bullet SMS users is Recently, there has been a noticeable slowdown. It seems that if we want to open the market further, it is still very difficult to rely on the current service and quality of bullet SMS.