6 independent sounding speaker units | Konka M2 new music TV

Konka M2 new music TV, with no border design, the main music function, with 6 independent sound speaker unit, the image quality also supports HDR2 panoramic depth and MEMC pro technology.

Konka M2's main music function, Hi-Fipro (High-Fidelity) high-fidelity sound system, including 6 independent sounding speaker units (NdFeB rare earth inner magnetic cavity), 4 double-sided symmetric passive basins, double basin symmetric resonance The front and rear ends are sounded. The middle and high-pitched speakers are independently equipped, and the bass is output by the 'air booster' independent sound chamber. The total power of the 10 sound units reaches 24W (2*12W).

Konka M2 new music TV

Konka M2 has added independent music resource paging in the system, and built-in QQ music and national K songs. You only need to speak the music you want to listen to with Bluetooth remote control, you can play it right away. Users are experiencing 4K movies, simple It is also a good choice to enjoy music.

In design, Konka M2 brings a wide field of view with a comprehensive screen design. The borderless design makes the edge of the screen extremely close to the edge of the whole machine. It is said to bring 99.9% of the screen ratio, and the overall overall look is like watching A screen.

Konka M2 uses LGD 4K HDR Retina screen, with timely HDR, color matching, full MEMC technology, showing a stable and natural picture. Konka M2 hardware specifications, including 4-core A53 CPU, 8-core PowerVR 7800 GPU It has a total of 42 cores and is equipped with 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM.

In terms of system, Konka M2 TV runs its own YIUI 6.5 system, built-in easy-to-live platform, which can realize intelligent voice direct purchase of airline tickets, movie tickets, ordering meals and other services that are closely related to life, and better understand the living habits and preferences of young people.