The viewing experience is beyond imagination | Cool Kaidong promotes 3 comprehensive screen TVs to surprise everyone

This year's hottest keyword in the color TV industry is not a 'comprehensive screen'. This is the earliest term from the mobile phone industry, which has taken root in the color TV industry and blossomed. The high-end Internet TV brand of Skyworth has launched K6D, K6S, C60. Such a series of full-screen TVs, so that the 'full screen' heat continues to heat up, so many consumers applaud.

For smart TVs, the full screen means a more open view and a more refined appearance. Cool open full-screen TV uses GOP technology to hide the drive circuit originally placed on both sides, and the side is directly pasted in the middle frame of the backlight module. On the top, the extra frame is removed, giving people a broad view and an immersive experience. In the European and American movies, the cool effects are beyond imagination. The dinosaurs in the World 2 will make people suddenly shocked, as if these animals are going to jump out of the cool TV screen.

In terms of design style, K6D, K6S and C60 represent Southeast Asian style, modern minimalist style and new Chinese style, which makes people enjoy the cool craftsmanship.

Cool K6D machine is mainly black, revealing a touch of extravagance in the calm. The black border of the black frame is equipped with a metal hollow base. The appropriate embellishment does not seem complicated and complicated, but the cold TV is full of vitality. Widely popular in the Pearl River Delta region, its unique charm makes it difficult for people to resist.

Cool K6S is mainly in light color, and there is no over-decoration on the front and back. The ceramic-quality pure white metal back plate is made of high-pressure technology, which is durable and has no screw hole design. It can be said that from the design point of view, cool The K6S has been simplified to the minimum extent. The sophisticated materials make this product elegant and beautiful, which makes many consumers want to stop.

The cool open C60 has a Chinese style charm. The bridge base and raft design draws on the ancient Chinese wooden arch bridge and traditional furniture connection, combined with the wood grain-modified lower border, combining fashion and classical softness, giving a kind of It is also ancient and modern, with a simple and harmonious visual sense. Obviously, the cool open C60 does not simply stack traditional traditional elements, but achieves the effect of 1+1>2.

Want to experience a different full-screen TV, the above three products will suffice. On October 11th, Cool Open will open a new round of promotions in Skyworth's cool Jingdong self-operated flagship store, cool K6D, K6S, C60 list Famous, every 1000 yuan minus 100 yuan, not capped, enjoy the white strip 6 interest-free, 55C6 to the hand price 2999 yuan, 65K6S to the hand price 4999 yuan, 55K6S to the hand price 3299 yuan, 55K6D to the hand price 2699 yuan, 49K6D to the hand price 2299 Yuan. Moreover, the purchase of 55K6S, 65K6S, 55C60 users can also get a value of 1098 yuan education VIP year card.

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