The plot reverses! India Telecom sends a 5G experiment invitation to Huawei

Not long ago, Huawei 5G equipment commercialization was resisted by the United States and Australia. Subsequently, Japan, Canada, South Korea and other countries also stated that they would not adopt Huawei 5G equipment and technology. The Indian Ministry of Telecommunications also decided to list Huawei from the suppliers participating in the 5G test. Excluding, this led to industry speculation that India may follow Australia and the United States to prevent Chinese manufacturers from participating in 5G deployment. However, after Huawei expressed its wish to participate in the trial, the Indian Ministry of Telecommunications reassessed Huawei's proposal and considered including Huawei in the plan. 5G field test.

According to foreign media reports, Huawei has received an invitation from the Indian government to participate in the 5G technology trial organized by the country's telecommunications sector. Huawei India CEO Jay Chen told the Indian Economic Times that the company has expressed its participation in the local 5G trial to the Indian government. After the intention, the company has received an invitation from the government.

Jay Chen said that Huawei has established a cooperative relationship with the Indian government and has been working with a number of Indian operators to lay the foundation for 5G deployment. Huawei expressed its hope to launch 5G trials in two Indian cities, including Delhi. And plans to cooperate with operators, academic institutions and other industry companies to determine the relevant 5G use cases for the Indian market.