OPPO is hired to control the self-discipline alliance to jointly promote the quality development of mobile phone industry products

October 10, 2018, Dongguan, China - OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. announced today that OPPO Vice President, President of Manufacturing and Quality Zhang Changyan was appointed as Vice Chairman of the China Communications Industry Association Quality Control Self-Regulatory Alliance, and OPPO Quality Minister Zhang Lei was hired Acting as the deputy secretary-general. This appointment will strengthen the communication and cooperation between OPPO and industry organizations, and jointly promote the product quality improvement and industry standardization development of the mobile phone industry. Any vice president of the Saixi Safety Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Penglin, Communication Industry Association Li Yang, secretary general of the Self-discipline Alliance, attended the appointment ceremony.

Li Yang, Secretary General of the Quality Control Self-discipline Alliance of the Communication Industry Association (right)

Letter of Appointment to Zhang Changyan (left), Vice President of OPPO, President of Manufacturing and Quality

OPPO has always adhered to the concept of 'Quality is the dignity of products' to create great products. Over the years, OPPO has always placed product quality in the first place, and built nearly 50 professional laboratories around the development and production of mobile phones, strictly implementing the country. At the same time as the industry standards, it has formed an enterprise quality standard system with its own characteristics higher than the national and industry standards, in order to create excellent quality and good reputation of OPPO products. In addition, OPPO insists on pre-research and trial production. , mass production, quality control of the product throughout the life cycle after the market, to ensure that the user feedback is heard at the first time, so as to continuously improve product quality and user experience.

Peng Lin, deputy director of the Saixi Security Office of the Institute of Electronics Standardization, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Li Yang, Secretary General of the Quality Control Self-discipline Alliance of the Communication Industry Association, visited the OPPO SMT workshop.

The China Communications Industry Association's Quality Control Self-discipline Alliance is composed of industry-leading mobile phone companies, accessory companies, authoritative testing organizations and research institutes. It also builds China's communications industry testing platform based on the China Electronics Industry Standardization Institute's Saixi Laboratory and other national inspection agencies. It aims to improve the product quality of the member companies of the alliance, promote the healthy development of the industry, and provide safe and reliable consumer guidance for consumption. OPPO is the first member company of the Quality Control Self-discipline Alliance.

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