Siemens intelligent wing series range hood shocked the market, enjoy long-lasting large suction

With the constant pursuit of high-quality life by modern people, the kitchen is no longer a simple cooking place, and it has become an important social space for family members, family members, daily gatherings, entertainment, and emotional communication. It is integrated, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. The modern kitchen features not only powerful functions and convenient user experience, but also a beautiful and stylish, fresh and clean, easy-to-clean cooking environment. Therefore, a well-designed, powerful suction range hood is an indispensable necessity in modern kitchens. The Siemens-based home appliance, which has always been 'consumer-centric', has launched a new Siemens intelligent wing range range hood in September this year, equipped with 'smart cruise' and 'quick-clean double-drive Plus'. Technology, intelligent suction, create a 'lasting big suction' to help consumers enjoy healthy and comfortable cooking fun.

In the Chinese kitchen based on frying and frying, fume has always been a core problem that plagues consumers. A lot of soot not only keeps the bad smell left at home for a long time, but also causes indoor environmental pollution and affects the health of family members. How can we get rid of the soot troubles effectively? The Siemens intelligent wing series range hood released this time gives an intelligent solution.

Siemens intelligent wing series range hood

Intelligent cruise, soot control

Siemens intelligent wing series range hoods are equipped with intelligent cruising, through the linkage of smoke stoves, built-in VOC sensors and intelligent control of intelligent smoke-proof panels, so that consumers can easily control kitchen fumes without hands-on, and enjoy the fun of cooking.

When cooking starts, with the function of the smoke stove linkage, after the user ignites the cooker, the hood can sense the start and quickly enter the working state. During the cooking process, the VOC sensor built in the hood can intelligently adjust the wind speed of the hood according to the kitchen soot concentration. In addition, in the cooking of heavy oil fume such as sauté, the intelligent cigarette damper unique to the Siemens intelligent wing range hood will be opened to a larger angle, with a unique triangular smoke design, quickly forming a European deep smoke The cavity effect, so as to achieve a comprehensive, efficient intelligent suction, allowing users to easily stir-fry, no fumes. After cooking, the user only needs to turn off the cooker, the range hood will automatically close after 3 minutes of continuous operation to absorb The kitchen has smoke, but also the kitchen is clean air. The intelligent control of the fumes does not need to be hands-on, so that the cooking process is full of worry.

Siemens intelligent wing series range hood

Quick Net Dual Drive Plus, a long-lasting large suction

Chinese kitchens are heavy in oil fume and require more durable and high-suction products. Siemens intelligent wing series range hoods use a new upgraded Siemens home appliance original BLDC DC brushless inverter motor and intelligent hot air self-cleaning, creating a 'quick net double Drive Plus ', achieve long-lasting large suction, let the hood use for ten years, the air volume is almost zero loss.

Its one-button 'quick suction' function can stably output up to 20.5m3/min3 of high-speed air suction for 8 minutes, and it is available in a variety of modes such as soup, cooking, frying, and stir-fried. In addition, motor upgrade After the static pressure is significantly improved, so that the smoke is more smooth, even in the face of the public pipeline pressure during the peak cooking season, can still calmly deal with, thus effectively solving the problem of low floor smoke exhaust.

Another major problem in kitchen management is that the cleaning of the range hood is also very important. In the traditional cleaning method, the stubborn oil hidden inside the hood is extremely difficult to handle, not only requires laborious washing and dismounting, but also during the disassembly process. Damage caused by parts. Siemens intelligent wing series range hood has a unique intelligent hot air self-cleaning function. When the hood is running for more than 20 hours, the hood will automatically remind you to open the self-cleaning program. After one button is started, the cigarette is heated. The bottom of the turbine is evenly melted inside the stubborn oil, and with the strong inner core, the grease is automatically introduced into the large-capacity oil cup. The user is really away from the manual cleaning oil troubles, the fan is cleaner, the suction is more durable. The speed net double drive Plus , to help users fully participate in the cooking experience.

Siemens intelligent wing series range hood

In the details, the beauty of life

The Siemens intelligent wing series range hoods released this time are equally amazing in product design. The unique triangular smoke design, combined with the intelligent smoke-proof board, efficient smoke collection; quick release filter, easy to remove and wash, The cleaning is even more worry-free; the integrated operation panel also provides users with a more convenient and sensitive operation experience while being easy to clean; the exquisite and beautiful soft-light atmosphere lamp makes the ideal kitchen in the family full of human care. This series of products can also support the home interconnection function, users can realize remote control of the hood through the mobile phone. Technology, forward-looking design concept, let more users enjoy the wonderful cooking moments, and achieve the beauty of life.

As a world-renowned high-end home appliance brand, Siemens Home Appliances has won the favor of Chinese consumers with its exquisite German craftsmanship and expressive innovation and design. In the future, Siemens Home Appliances will continue to deepen its exploration in the field of modern kitchens and smart homes. Let more inspirational home appliances serve Chinese families, help consumers to experience the future in their current lives, create their own exciting moments, and bring more 'exciting possibilities' to consumers.


1 'Long-lasting large suction' only refers to the experience that the relevant hood products can provide users with large suction in the normal reasonable period of use/range. This article can also be used for related understanding.

2 China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute is based on CHCT-JSGF-042-2018 "Technical Specification for Long-lasting Large Suction Resource Certification for Range Hood with Self-cleaning Function", CXW-150-LS98FN961W produced by Bo Xihua Electric (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. The range hood products are tested for performance items. In the test environment where the product is at ambient temperature (20±5) °C and relative humidity is less than 60%, the air volume only drops by 0.6 (m3/min) after 10 years of simulation.

3 According to Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd., the Siemens hood LS98FN961W is tested according to GB/T17713-2011 "Hood hood", in the BOOST file (ie speed suction) air volume detection, the maximum static pressure value exceeds 710Pa, the air volume reaches 20.5m3/min. (From the test report, No.: WTS2018-13809)

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