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National Day long holiday consumption, The national workers seem to fall into a "holiday syndrome" in the vicious circle, the specific performance for the work on the way the body seems to be hollowed out, all rely on a cup of coffee to continue life; there is still half of space in the elevator, inexplicable feel crowded unable to breathe; A pile of work cannot be done.

As an advertising company ae, contracted multiple symptoms also need not panic, BenQ Conference tablet for you wit Treatment.

Symptom 1: Careless work, immersed in the holiday aftertaste

Project progress, Eye-like Focus on the projector, in fact, because the screen text too much unintentional reading, party a need to go into the right ear out, the mind is falling on the phone under the table, a will look at the holiday shot of the United states, A will slip to party a friend Circle crazy Praise.

Prescription 1: display any annotations to help you focus on the spirit Light to see the projection screen can not focus attention, BenQ Conference tablet in any format directly to the display content circle, whether it is PPT or word files, can directly display comments, highlighting the focus of content, compared to the dry view of the projection screen, a focus on the explanation can help you focus,

At the end of the meeting, a key to save the annotation record, directly share the generation of QR code, mobile phone sweep immediately get all the notes, party needs all grasp, do not worry about Missing.

Symptom 2: The entertainment poisoning is too deep, the work draws the wind often runs the deviation After reading a bunch of data, the need for party A or smattering.

Sitting in the station, thinking, the idea of the farther away, suddenly think of a holiday to see a pirate film, you can refer to the movie poster, the result of a party to the romantic Mediterranean wind into a rough pirate wind, directly hit back to the original Prototype.

Prescription 2: Many people write a discussion to make sure the train of thought is not lost There is doubt, directly to the field of demand analysis, with the support of many people at the same time writing the conference tablet, there are questions thrown to support 20-point touch, a number of small partners can play together to write a discussion, a wide range of listening to the idea of the two people at the same time writing, handwriting color automatic, different ideas at a glance,

Make sure the final result is not Biased.

Symptom 3: physical emptiness, trapped in the lazy attitude of salted fish

Brain violence conference in turn to tell the idea, just as everyone positive attitude my dissertation, whiteboard suddenly be full, pen si gu heart dazed, all have to hand-held desktop to do thinking, in fact, psychological activities Are: Holiday has finished, I am very tired, do not want to move, who to wipe the Whiteboard.

Prescription 3: Electronic white writing on the blackboard, when a witty salted fish In the face of many ideas, the general whiteboard is always wiped and write, time-consuming and physical, the Conference tablet support page arbitrarily increase or decrease, writing space is not limited, write a page another page, up to 10 pages, the process without the effort to erase the entire version of the handwriting; waving a hand can erase the handwriting,

And can be circle local writing content to move or zoom, but also at any time to turn back to see the previous record, use it clean and convenient, to accommodate your brain hole.

so, the face of holiday syndrome do not panic, BenQ Conference tablet for your diagnosis of the disease, so that after the work efficiency double!

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