The new machine officially opened for pre-sale OPPO K1 face all from 1599 yuan!

After a brief warm-up, OPPO officially announced the complete information and configuration of OPPO K1 at 10:00 am on October 10, and opened the appointment channel. The 4GB+64GB storage combination only costs 1599 yuan!

OPPO official website officially opened for pre-sale

OPPO has successfully led the trend of gradient color this year. OPPO K1 naturally continues this trend of gradual change. It has two colors, Van Gogh Blue and Mocha Red, which are hidden under the gradient body, so that the number is unclear. The light and shadow blends into the color, using the innovative nano-scale IMT 3D injection molding process, making OPPO K1 more jewel-like bright color, showing different vitality. The front of the mobile phone adopts the most beautiful water drop screen design. 6.4-inch screen screen With a high percentage of 91%, users can experience a wider field of vision. In games and videos, the content is more displayed, and the phone is still small and light.


OPPO K1 is equipped with on-screen fingerprint recognition technology, using the under-the-lens lens solution, built-in large photosensitive elements and large-area sensors, which can be unlocked in a flash, to achieve a smooth screen unlocking experience, while supporting WeChat payment and Alipay payment. Let the author never I think that OPPO K1 adopts light-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition and the price is only 1,000 yuan, which has a strong product competitiveness among the current price products.


In terms of shooting, the OPPO K1 front-mounted 25 megapixel AI smart beauty can accurately capture 296 feature points on the face, and the new AI beauty algorithm can bring a good self-timer experience. The rear AI smart dual camera can perform 16 scenes and AI intelligent recognition of 120 scene combinations, and can optimize the color of the different images to make the photos more beautiful.


In terms of hardware configuration, OPPO K1 adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE mobile platform with 14nm process technology, which is optimized for popular games. The game is smoother and consumes less power and energy. Enjoy the experience. 3500mAh battery capacity plus Optimization of the OPPO system, use one day is no problem.

Today OPPO official website and major e-commerce officially opened pre-sale, the price, 4GB+64GB price 1599 yuan, 6GB+64GB price 1799 yuan, with Van Clan blue and Mocha red two gradient color, on October 19 The number is officially on sale at the morning, and friends who like it can start booking!