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'Human-computer interaction technology' refers to the communication and interaction between the system or the software and the user. The user can operate and apply the electronic product through the human-machine interactive interface. The human-computer interactive application is very extensive, and each The disciplines are also closely related. It not only improves people's quality of life, but also improves people's work efficiency, makes people's work life more concise, more convenient, and provides people with more forms of entertainment activities.

It is undeniable that speech recognition is the most promising way of interacting with human-computer interaction in the future. Its advantages are obvious, simple, direct, and zero learning costs. In daily life, language is the most common and direct way of communicating with people. Language dialogue interaction, even for the elderly and children do not need to learn. Users can wake up the device 'without feeling', 'smoothly' to get information, give instructions, no sputum and violation, voice communication mode With the expansion of its use of people and the continuous penetration of non-professionals, it will increasingly return to a 'natural' way.

Any breakthrough in technology, without any doubt, is accompanied by huge challenges. There are many difficulties in the breakthrough of speech recognition technology, such as the background accuracy, such as background noise, accent, speech rate and so on. The impact, especially the breakthrough in the realization of far-field speech technology, can be said to be the most direct and effective means to promote artificial intelligence interaction. A far-field speech technology that combines a subversive function of AI voice search, allowing users Just sit on the couch and say the instructions, you can get feedback.

Based on the existing TV industry level, it can only achieve a fixed angle of 60 degrees, and no sound source positioning ability, can only give orders in front of the TV. This has caused great discomfort to the user experience, can not go all-round The voice control is realized. The XESS floating window full scene TV is equipped with the industry's first 180-degree sound source positioning system to prevent sound interference in other areas, better realize human-machine natural communication, and make interaction more convenient.

On the other hand, the optimal distance for voice interaction is 1m~10m. Nowadays, the effective use of home space is only 2-5 meters. So in the intelligent far-field voice interaction, how to easily in the complex living room link Voice wake-up device has become an extremely important user experience. In order to better achieve the breakthrough of industry technology, achieve the leading edge of artificial intelligence interaction. The big country brand TCL has built artificial intelligence interactive system in the XESS floating window full scene TV in the recently released new product. Within 8 meters, you can accurately locate the user's location, you can easily wake up the artificial intelligence small T, and issue instructions. The large living room with a wide range can adapt to the big screen and realize the wake-up from a long distance.

I believe that focusing on far-field voice, the combination of artificial intelligence will bring a booming trend to smart TV! XESS floating window full scene TV leading to achieve the industry's 180 ° sound source positioning system, 8 meters far-field voice wake-up. Combined with artificial intelligence algorithm, the far-field voice realizes natural human-computer interaction through the complex combination of software and hardware, allowing users to realize 'dialogue' with smart TV from a long distance. XESS floating window full scene TV is now in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome and other online and offline malls are officially on sale, welcome to purchase in Gome, Suning, Tmall, Jingdong and other online and offline malls.

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