Refusing to homogenize the cool open C60 | Innovation to create living room technology aesthetics

In the innovative color TV industry, a large wave of homogenized products have been born. The screen comes from the same upstream supplier, the film and television content is nothing more than the 7 major licensees, the main control chip is almost monopolized by Morningstar, MediaTek, and Jingchen. There are very few smart TVs that are truly innovative. However, after the launch of the C60 full-screen TV with cool eyes, let us see the road to innovation of Chinese Internet TV brands.

Cool open C60's comprehensive screen is enough to surprise us, but in the process design, Cool Open is not satisfied with the full screen, the memory of the bridge base and the 榫卯 design, announced that the cool open C60 is a rejection Qualitative, maverick large-screen living room TV.

I often hear people say that product design is a scientific, creative, pioneering design. This is reflected in the base of the C60 bridge. It draws on the ancient wooden arcade bridge, for example, it is listed as a national key cultural relic protection. The 15 bridges of Taishun's unit survived the millennium and rain, which proved its scientific nature. For the first time, Cool Kai applied the design concept of the bridge to the color TV industry, which is quite novel.

榫卯 Design is the main structural form of traditional Chinese furniture, and is also the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation. For example, the Ming and Qing dynasty furniture in the Palace Museum, dating back to the past 100 years, is still in good condition. The cool open C60 base adopts 榫卯 structure, two The legs are tightly combined, tightly combined, the height of the feet, the combination of length and length, effectively preventing the TV from twisting in all directions and improving the stability of the TV.

The design is one of the characterizations of the C60 rejection homogenization, and the functional innovation is very rare. This TV uses optical anti-blue technology, based on the software anti-blue light, select the dominant wavelength above 457nm The LED lamp beads reduce harmful blue light by up to 80%. The significance of this technology is that it makes the TV more secure and more suitable for children to watch.

Software anti-Blu-ray (eye protection mode) has always been the preferred solution for smart TV eye protection. On the one hand, the development cost is low, only need to add an APK that controls color temperature and brightness. On the other hand, consumers require TV to have eye protection. The voice of function is not high, so the practice of smart TV borrowing f.lux and mobile phone 'eye protection mode' did not attract special attention from consumers, and the screen color cast problem caused by software anti-blue light did not cause consumers to resent. It was not until the launch of the optical anti-blue light technology that the user would cut the entity to the advantage of 'eye-protecting colorlessness'.

It can be said that the bridge base and cymbal design and optical anti-Blu-ray technology are unique features of the C60, which is different from other smart TVs. It is also the value of this product. Who said that the Chinese people have no innovation? At present, the cool open C60 is in the sales of Skyworth's self-operated flagship store. The 55-inch version is only sold for 2,999 yuan, and the single-issue gift is worth 1098 yuan for the super education VIP year card.

In addition, Cool K6S and other models also have great benefits, of which 55K6S orders reduced by 300 yuan, only 3299 yuan; 65K6S orders reduced by 500 yuan, only 4999 yuan.

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