A lot of the platform only strictly to rectify the problem of the rampant counterfeiting, can continue to get benign development. More: Apple's new iphone platform sells over 20,000 parts during the

After the launch of the new iphone XS series this year, consumers have been throwing up slots too expensive. Many young users who love Apple phones have seen the price of million dollars and have dismissed the idea of buying.

In this, the domestic first social e-commerce more to the iphone XS series has made a relatively large price reduction, up to even a 1111 yuan Reduction.

Iphone In the face of such attractive price reductions, it is natural that many consumers buy.

According to the latest published data, The National Day of this year, the total volume of the trading platform increased by more than 300%, and previously directed to subsidize the 3456-line city's new iphone sold more than 20,000. however, Some netizens commented that the price of a lot of this move let us see how much water the apple phone prices, how much water can be squeezed Out.

however, This statement is not reliable, there are netizens pointed out that the lot may also be a loss to make a Yell.

Collage Toto At present, gome, dangdang, Millet and other electric fan brand in the national day before and after have settled in many Platforms. For the Netizen spit slot of the fake flooding and other problems, fight more at present is also spending a lot of effort to repair, there are netizens think, the road to fight more and early Taobao Identical. First by the fake development, and then slowly transformation of washing White. In this regard, the author does not agree, now the times have been different, consumers gradually pay attention to their rights and interests, the platform for the proliferation of counterfeit goods can not be developed eventually.