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2018 TV market is choppy, the main cost-effective low-end products are no longer most popular with consumers, TV market gradually returned to the quality of the king of the era of Competition.

As consumption transitions and upgrades, high-quality, high-quality, High-profile TV products are becoming a leader in the TV market as they deliver a more powerful audiovisual experience and a smoother operation Experience. In this market environment, from Hisense's uled super-quality TV E8 series once released on the widely acclaimed, E8 not only in the picture quality has a good performance, sound quality has also made a major breakthrough, sound and painting combined to make the viewing effect more shocking.

At present Hisense E8 series in Suning easy to buy is opened the ' full minus put the price ' mode, directly can save 300 yuan, if you want to open a new viewing experience, it must seize this opportunity to start a e8!

The quality of the extraordinary Hisense Uled veritable Hisense E8 TV equipped with uled technology is a self-developed LED backlight LCD TV Quality Improvement Technology.

It divides the screen backlight into separate control units, and adjusts the brightness of the corresponding backlight area precisely according to the light and dark distribution of each frame image, making black darker, whiter white, more layered and more highly contrast.

In order to further optimize the picture quality, Hisense E8 uses AI picturesque mountains chip, this chip can sense the environment change, fine control backlight, through the big data calculation automatically optimize the scene, so that every frame picture is Wonderful.

Hisense E8 TV also uses the AI light control technology, Local dimming smart control each frame of the screen backlight bright and dark, through the 4,096-level dimming to let the light source evenly transition, even if the backlight dark dark can see the level of Detail. The four-dimensional color reduction technology of quantum dots is a bright spot of Hisense E8, which realizes the accurate reduction of the four-dimensional color of quantum dots by 4000 transition color, so that each color is presented naturally.

and equipped with TV program BT709 and digital film DCI-P3 double color standard, restore the picture to shoot the original SCENE.

Stunning sound makes your ears feel an adventure Just so-called, good sound can not be separated from large volume, Hisense E8 TV in order to achieve more powerful sound performance, especially equipped with 1L large volume of the sound Chamber.

This sound chamber uses the pure treble design of the ball top silk membrane and the inverted tube bass enhancement technology, can let the user hear the real treble, feel the shocking bass.

In addition, the Hi-sound Pro Sound system from Hisense E8 TV supports dolby, DTS dual decoding, with Dolby Panorama sound processing to simulate all-round sound surround, allowing the ears to hear Three-dimensional.

Powerful configuration for smooth operation At present, most of the TV still stay in the rhythm of 2gb+8gb, and Hisense E8 TV will be the basic configuration to 3gb+32gb, independent 1MB two cache, quickly complete the CPU data exchange, to achieve the ' flash ' reading of the data, improve the efficiency of the machine, improve the smooth experience.

Large memory, large storage will not only bring performance improvements, more software, but also allow the TV to have a longer service Cycle.

Summarize: Hisense E8 as a sound and painting double absolutely tv, in the same price products is the absolute strength of the Party. With uled multi-zonal dynamic backlight adjustment technology, It brings a very good black bit and contrast performance. The color gamut boost from quantum dot technology is the most significant and outstanding performance that makes the Screen's color display a top 5000-dollar Stall.

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