Glory 8X Max Review: A model of mid-range large-screen mobile phones

All along, large-screen mobile phones in the entire mobile phone category, as a subdivision of the niche market to meet the needs of some users. But with the popularity of mobile games this year brought the industry dividend, upstream screen manufacturers and mobile phones The brand began to turn to the oversized + full screen type products. From the product point of view, most of the mobile phones with big screens are located in the middle and high end, but what should be done for the 'big screen mobile phone', but there is little real depth. Thinking, more often, it looks like a 'big screen version' of a regular mobile phone. Before that, glory in the high-end big-screen mobile phone glory Note series has shown us a big screen mobile phone should have The way we look at it, and what we are evaluating today is the answer to the glory in the mid-market once on the big screen mobile phone. The answer is: Glory 8X Max.

Hardware Configuration:
First, let's take a look at the difference between the glory 8X Max standard version and the high version:

Glory 8X Max parameters
Phone modelGlory 8X Max Standard EditionGlory 8X Max high version
screen size7.12 inch full screen pearl screen
processorQualcomm Xiaolong 636Qualcomm Xiaolong 660
frequency8*Kryo 260, up to 1.8Ghz4*Kryo 2.2GHz +4*Kryo 1.8GHz
Body memory64GB/128GB64GB
Running memory4GB6GB
camera 16 million + 2 million pixels dual camera, f / 2.0
Front camera8 million pixels, support beauty
Body weight210g
body colorMagic night black, charm sea blue, charm flame red
operating systemEMUI8.2 (android8.1)
Network standardMobile / Unicom / Telecom
priceFrom 1499 yuan1799 yuan

This time we are evaluating the version of the glory 8X Max 660 660. Last month glory officially released the 8X series, of which 8X Max is divided into Snapdragon 636 version and Snapdragon 660 version. You can see through the table, on the screen, camera The two versions of ID design are completely identical, but in terms of memory, the 636 636 version is 4GB RAM, while the Snapdragon 660 is 6GB RAM.

In addition, in terms of price, the 4+64GB of the Xiaolong 636 is priced at 1499 yuan, while the 6+64GB of the Xiaolong 660 starts at 1799 yuan. In other respects, both versions use a 5000mAh large battery, supporting 9V2A for a total of 18w. Fast charge, and support OTG reverse charging function.

May be the largest screen mobile phone with the highest screen ratio

'Screen ratio' can be said to be the most important indicator for measuring mobile phone ID design in the past two years. In order to achieve this goal, mobile phone manufacturers have combined the supply chain to invent a comprehensive screen, Liu Haiping and other forms. Glory 8X Max uses a 7.12 The inch screen, but the body thickness of 8.13mm and the width of 86.24mm, make the 8X Max's one-handed grip not look so huge.

In order to display more content on such a large screen, 8X Max increased the traditional 18:9 screen to 18.7:9, the field of view increased by 3.89% compared with the 18:9 full screen, and the border width of Glory 8X Max was only 2.28. Mm, and Glory 8X Max hides sensors such as distance and light in a black border, leaving only the occlusion area of ​​the camera, which has less impact on the screen. This brings about an officially claimed 90.05% superscreen ratio. On the big screen, it shows the most.

In addition, the screen of 8X Max is also certified by TÜV Rheinland. It measures the impact of the screen of the mobile phone on the user's eyes from the ultraviolet, infrared, blue light damage level of the human eye and the heat of the retina. It also supports 4096 brightness adjustment technology, which is more smooth when adjusting brightness.

8X Max adopts the structure of front screen + aluminum alloy middle frame + composite sheet back cover, and the back adopts two-color British texture. The different color combinations on the back bring a more three-dimensional visual experience. As we all know, the design of glass body has always been with other brands. Keeping distance, on the Glory 8X, the double-texture design shows different light and shadow flows under different light, the left side is innovatively designed with more complicated interlaced texture, and the right side inherits the glory classic design. Layer nano-coating process. A mobile phone that brings two different visual experiences.

The back shell of the fuselage uses the 3D surface technology common to high-end machines to enhance the grip. This is especially important for 8X Max that is 7 feet or more. Because the body is much wider than the average phone, you must use all the help. Designed to achieve the purpose of improving the grip.

In general, the glory 8X Max ID design still serves this large screen as much as possible, whether it is using the 'pearl screen' in-screen shaped cut or ultra-narrow border, all in order to make this 7.12 inch large The screen shows its visual impact. And in the 'big', it also takes into account the daily experience, as much as possible to control the size of the body within a graspable range.

骁 660+ super large screen + Dolby panoramic sound = excellent gaming experience

The glory 8X Max's high-end version uses the Snapdragon 660 processor, 14nm FinFET process, 8-core Kryo 260 architecture, 4+4 dual cluster design, maximum operating frequency 2.2GHz, built-in Adreno 512 GPU. It is worth noting that Xiaolong The 660 no longer uses the ARM public version architecture, and the Kryo custom architecture was introduced for the first time, with better performance and power consumption.

Compared with the Snapdragon 636, although the two are the 14nm FinFET process, the CPU has added four large cores with a 2.2GHz frequency. This is not a very good performance game for the "Glory of the King". In addition, on the GPU side, the Adreno 512 of the Snapdragon 660 is compared to the Adreno 509 of the Snapdragon 636, and the main frequency is raised from 720 to 850, which is much better in floating-point operations.

Running points, Geekbench test, 骁 660 version of the 8X Max single-core running points of 1447 points, multi-core running points of 5492 points, GFXBench, Tyrannosaurus off-screen run 43Fps, more difficult Manhattan 3.1 run divided into 13Fps. From running points In view, the Snapdragon 660 has a significant improvement over the 636.

And the actual game test, "Glory of the King":

Turn on character strokes, high picture quality, high-definition display on, multi-thread mode on, high particle quality, high frame rate mode on;

In multi-thread mode, whether it is single-line or multi-player team battle, the whole process is stable at 59Fps, and there are occasional drop frames in the middle, but there is no feeling of stuttering in the actual experience;

Stimulating the battlefield:

The picture quality is HD (currently highest), the number of frames is set to high, the picture style: classic, anti-aliasing on, shadow on.

Throughout the journey, I experienced various game scenes such as sailing in the water, driving in the wild, and daily fighting. The average frame rate of the game was full frame (30Fps), and there was no obvious fluctuation.

It can be seen that the Snapdragon 660 is relatively reassuring in the performance of daily game performance. Of course, not only that, the screen ratio of 18.7:9 makes the display more than the screen of 18:9, and the game is played under the big screen. This kind of experience is also an experience that you can't look back.

Of course, the experience of the game is not only dependent on performance, but also important for the subjective experience of the player. The screen ratio of Glory 8X Max 18.7: 9 makes the display more than the 18:9 screen, playing games with the big screen. The experience is also an experience that you can't look back. And the Glory 8X Max uses a dual-speaker design, and the BOX's large sound chamber with 8.5v high-voltage dual smart PA makes the sound even more powerful. Even if you plug a sound hole, you can take it. Comes with a very large volume. Dual speakers + Dolby Atmos technology, which brings 360° shocking sound effects when playing games, bringing a better immersive audio and video experience on your phone.

In the game experience, Xiaolong 660+7.12 inch large screen + Dolby panoramic sound this combination of boxing, making glory 8X Max has a very good gaming experience in the mid-range products.

Photo test:

On the hardware, Glory 8X Max is equipped with 16 million + 2 million pixel dual camera, with F2.0 large aperture, support PDAF phase focusing, and bring faster focusing speed. This camera configuration is also a very mainstream camera configuration. Glory 8X Max has added AI scene recognition, supports up to 500 scene labels in 22 categories, and automatically optimizes the camera effect. Glory 8X Max front 8 megapixel camera, with 1.12μm large size single pixel sensing area, F2.0 large aperture, Support AI skin function, bring a more natural beauty effect. What is the real shot, we see proofs.

In the scene with plenty of light during the day, thanks to the AI ​​scene, the color saturation of the subject is adjusted when taking pictures of food and flowers, making the object look more eye-catching. The transparency of the proof is also good. The whole photo has a good look and feel. In the case of nighttime, the 8X Max's sample brightness is average, but the noise control is not bad.

Summary: After Glory Note10, Glory 8X Max once again answered the question of how to do this for the 'big screen mobile phone'. In the mid-market, with the big screen, many visual effects that the flagship machine can't provide are also available. With the addition of the Dragon 660, the game performance and camera quality are gradually lowering the difference with the flagship. And 5000mAh's battery life allows users to safely use 8X Max to watch movies and play games. This time, glory for mid-range large-screen mobile phones How to do this question, made a satisfactory answer.